Substantial legislative changes will be needed for Housing for All to work

Hugh McCann, Development Manager, Bluemont. HUGH MCCANN, Development Manager, Bluemont, speaks with Robbie Cousins about the opportunities and challenges that Housing for All presents for developers. The government’s housing delivery plan up to 2030 Housing for All sets out four pathways to achieve four overarching objectives: Supporting homeownership and increasing affordability; Eradicating homelessness, increasing social [...] Interviews, Irish Construction News, Latest

The effect of not responding to a claim for payment under a construction contract and the consequences

HENRY HATHAWAY writes that construction companies need to revisit their payment procedures as payers now must respond to payee payment claims or applications for payment, or amounts claimed for could become payable in full regardless of the what of the actual application value is. This article concerns payment in construction and the recent development in […]

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