Founded in Ireland in 2004 to offer GPS tracking solutions, Transpoco Telematics is a leading provider of cloud-based construction fleet and asset tracking solutions and is at the cutting edge of telematic technology. Transpoco develops solutions to monitor and improve driving style, fuel efficiency and field service management for a range of councils, construction and utility companies in Ireland.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Transpoco is now a consolidated telematics provider operating in Ireland, the UK and France, and it is expanding its presence across Europe and the United States. Transpoco is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified and trusted partner for telematics, asset tracking and driver safety, providing local expertise, tailored solutions, and exceptional support.

Artificial intelligence cameras advance driver safety

Construction projects have regulatory obligations to ensure driver safety while working on extremely thin margins. Any technological help to keep the project profitable should be more than welcome.

Comprehensive insight into critical fleet data helps managers make decisions and highlights areas of a business that can be improved to increase safety and efficiency.

Transpoco can synchronise every aspect of fleet operations, from drivers to vehicles and from maintenance to safety, optimising relationships within teams and setting a cycle of continuous development for businesses in motion.

Transpoco Vision

For any fleet or mobile plant manager, the safety of drivers is a top priority. ‘Transpoco Vision’ is a new connected dashcam platform that provides contractors and materials suppliers with real-time recordings if the worst happens.

Transpoco Vision helps to clarify how accidents happened, settle disputes related to traffic accidents, anticipate and warn drivers of potential incidents and train them to be safer and more mindful.

The state-of-the-art dashcam’s connectivity allows managers remotely to download video evidence, review snapshots, or set up instant alerts in addition to real-time recordings. The Transpoco Vision dash cam system comes with a range of optional features, including AI dashcams that provide:

  • Real-time visibility to allow managers to monitor entire fleets remotely, receive instant alerts for critical events (harsh braking, collisions, etc), and access video clips to understand situations quickly.
  • Proactive driver coaching using AI technology to identify and alert drivers to unsafe driving behaviours, helping to prevent accidents and protect workers.
  • Complete record-keeping and downloading of past data for easy access and potential incident review.

Walkaround checks and compliance module

Transpoco’s Walkaround Checks app facilitates drivers to complete walkaround checks via their mobile phones with no more paper spreadsheets or checklists required. If an issue is observed, the driver photographs it, and the app automatically submits it to fleet control.

Asset tracking (Transpoco Pulse)

Having a fleet under control is the starting point for streamlining and optimising operations. In addition to vehicles, a fleet may comprise mobile assets such as trailers that need to be tracked. This is possible with Transpoco Pulse battery-powered asset trackers. With GPS technology, managers can retrieve the location data of mobile devices and generate valuable reports that give a complete overview of a company’s fleet.

What clients say about Transpoco Telematics
Phil Davis, Sales Manager, Transpoco Ireland.

Phil Davis, Sales Manager, Transpoco Ireland, says the company provides cloudbased solutions in real time, which secures data for management to make informed decisions.

“Many Transpoco solutions are also modular in form, which means customers can employ them at whatever level is required to meet their specific needs.

“Engagement with clients has shown, for instance, that our integrated dashcam and telematic solution has reduced accident or incident occurrences by up to 75% and reduced insurance costs by 30% to 35%. In addition, the in-cab telematic AI feature that monitors driving style has also delivered much improved efficiencies in fuel consumption.”

Phil Davis adds: “From a GDPR perspective, Transpoco is ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection. This means all of our systems are secure and allow only the people who require access to have access to data.”

Transpoco clients

Transpoco’s client base includes Roadstone, Actavo, Mitie Facilities, Woodvale Construction and Fogarty Concrete.

Transpoco provides local support, training, clear communication and exceptional customer support, working directly with clients to achieve productivity and improve safety on every project.


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