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Category: Sustainability

Irish Construction firms to invest €800,000 each in sustainability in coming years


According to the research,
• 54% of architecture, engineering, construction firms in the UK and Ireland are investing in recruitment and training as part of their sustainability objectives
• Improved workflows, regulatory compliance, and technology among key focus areas of investment
• The most important driver for embracing sustainability is customer retention (86%)
• Lack of financial resources and access to skills and training are cited as main barriers to sustainability.

Enterprise Ireland’s “Ready for a Green Future” Climate Change campaign features Irish construction innovators

Enterprise Ireland has launched an international campaign, “Ready for a Green Future”, designed to promote Irish green innovators delivering sustainable and low carbon solutions to tackle climate challenge. The campaign, which features 10 Irish companies, including Cygnum and Ecocem, showcases Irish green innovators who are solving complex technical challenges and delivering sustainable and low carbon solutions to make renewable energy viable, reduce energy waste with smart technology, reduce agricultural waste, and make construction cleaner.