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The requirement to give notice on claims

Construction Dispute Resolution

Anthony Hussey of Hussey Fraser Solicitors addresses the requirement to give notice of claim under most forms of contract.     “Under most forms of contract it is now a condition precedent to making a claim that notice be given of the claim within a short period of time.” The requirement to give notice of […]

Opinion: Construction Dispute Resolution – Wars Behind Closed Doors

Construction Dispute Resolution

John FFF O’Brien of John Farage O’Brien Dispute Resolution Consultants, reflects on the lessons learned over 14 years as a contract claims consultant and advocate Construction Dispute Resolution It never ceases to amaze me that many of the professional people I meet have no idea that some of the biggest commercial contract disputes in this […]

Construction Industry: Surviving the Recovery!

Construction Industry

How to Survive the Recovery It is important for contractors to ensure they are aware of all changes in the Irish construction industry. On this note, an unfolding series of events is set to provide contractors with a review of pertinent challenges and help them to “Survive the Recovery”. Construction Industry Changing The truth is […]

Construction Contracts Act close to full implementation

Minister for Business and Employment, Ged Nash TD has circulated a comprehensive Code of Practice for the conduct of adjudications, in accordance with the Construction Contracts Act, 2013, to the relevant stakeholder organisations. The publication of this Code is the third and final step required to be taken under this far-reaching legislation and will clear […]

Construction Contracts Act: Panel of Adjudicators named

The full implementation of Construction Contracts Act 2013 appears a step closer as the members of the panel of adjudicators has been published on Iris Oifigiuil, the Irish Government’s official publication. The statement read as follows: In exercise of the powers conferred on the Minister of State for Business and Employment by the Construction Contracts […]

Construction Dispute Resolution Workshop

Tips to Hire Top Construction Professionals

A Construction Dispute Resolution Workshop is being organised by Engineers Ireland. The workshop will take place next Tuesday, 8th September. The aim of the seminar is to explore current issues in the area of construction dispute resolution. The session will bring together key experts to explore current and future practice in the area and to consider […]

Construction Contracts Act moves step closer to full implementation

The long-awaited Construction Contracts Act moved a step closer today with the news that Minister for Business and Employment, Ged Nash TD, has announced the commencement of the application process for appointment to the Panel of Adjudicators under the Construction Contracts Act, 2013. This Act introduces new minimum payment arrangements between parties to a construction contract […]