Anthony Hussey

The requirement to give notice on claims

Anthony Hussey of Hussey Fraser Solicitors

Under most forms of contract it is now a condition precedent to making a claim that notice be given of the claim within a short period of time” Read on…

Published Construction Magazine November/December ’16 issue




Alternative Dispute Resolution – Wars Behind Closed Doors

John FFF O’Brien of John Farage O’Brien Dispute Resolution Consultants

Lessons learned over 14 years as a contract claims consultant and advocate

(Published Construction October 2016) Read on…

Legal Opinion Deirdre Hennessy

Public Works Contracts

Deirdre Hennessy, Senior Associate in ByrneWallace solicitors’ Construction Law team,

Return of the Bill of Quantities/Pricing Document & Implications for Tendering

(First Published Construction September 2016) Read on…

construction claim

When does time start to run in the case of a construction claim?

Rhona Henry, Head of Matheson’s Construction and Engineering Group

What does the Statute of Limitations 1957 actually mean when applied to the facts of a construction dispute

(First Published Construction August 2016) Read on…