Roadstone’s fabric first approach for compliance with Part L

The Roadstone Thermal Liteblock is a robust and durable, lightweight block which can be used in conjunction with Roadstone’s standard Concrete Block range, to improve thermal conductivity by an impressive 300%. Made from a special mix which includes lightweight aggregates to achieve conductivity values of 0.33W/mK, the Thermal Liteblock is 40% lighter than a standard […]


Ireland’s largest solar PV system

Designed, managed and installed by Belfast-headquartered SALIIS Renewables, Ireland’s largest solar PV system has just been completed at Bombardier’s wing facility on Belfast’s Airport Road West. The 3.6 megawatt system, featuring 14,000 solar PV panels, is housed on the roof of Bombardier’s 50,000 sq m wing facility and is equivalent to the size of ten […]