The Roadstone Thermal Liteblock is a robust and durable, lightweight block which can be used in conjunction with Roadstone’s standard Concrete Block range, to improve thermal conductivity by an impressive 300%.
Made from a special mix which includes lightweight aggregates to achieve conductivity values of 0.33W/mK, the Thermal Liteblock is 40% lighter than a standard block – weighing just 11.5kg – and is also CE marked 2+.
Manufactured in Ireland, its key purpose is to mitigate heat loss at thermal bridges.
“The beauty of this innovation is that the Thermal Liteblock is required only at targeted locations in the build, which means it can be used in conjunction with standard concrete blocks to provide a cost effective solution to the construction of new buildings while also allowing greater design flexibility. We anticipate that up to 15% of the total concrete blocks required per build will be replaced by Thermal Liteblocks at strategic points,” says a company spokesperson.
“Importantly, we have established a technical support services team, which provide a set of accredited details and fully ‘y’ value calculations where required by architects, engineers, assigned certifiers and building contractors.
“Our tests have shown that using the Thermal Liteblock System improves the Building Energy Rating (BER) – from A3 to A2 across a number of house types.
In terms of practicalities on site, the Thermal Liteblock has a distinctive heather colour to facilitate traceability and requires no special handling or treatment compared to standard concrete blocks.”