“Arbitration is a formidable arena for final and binding dispute resolution and should never be misunderstood as some kind of step before litigation”

Parties before they fall into a dispute, believe that they understand most if not all of the facts on the matter and that they either possess or can procure most of the evidence that proves those facts, and that the applicable law will support their position of either entitlement or denial. This level of certainty is measured against a party’s predisposition to risk, and that triggers a decision to go to dispute.

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How to reduce construction insurance costs

What to do to minimize the impact of the hard insurance market Reduce construction insurance costs The signs would suggest that a hardening of the rates and an increase in premium for Employers’/Public Liability (EL/PL) insurance for the construction sector is on the cards and may be imminent. However, there are a few things that […]


Pension Advice for 2017

Construction Pension Advice: What to do differently in 2017? Susan O’Mara offers some timely Pension Advice for 2017   In trying to compile my annual Pension Advice for Construction Magazine readers top tips for the coming year, I researched far and wide for pearls of wisdom that I might not have already thought of myself….this […]

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The requirement to give notice on claims

Anthony Hussey of Hussey Fraser Solicitors addresses the requirement to give notice of claim under most forms of contract.     “Under most forms of contract it is now a condition precedent to making a claim that notice be given of the claim within a short period of time.” The requirement to give notice of […]


When does time start to run in the case of a construction claim?

Rhona Henry is Head of Matheson’s Construction and Engineering Group. In this issue she poses a simple question that is sure to be of interest… What the Irish Courts say Most stakeholders in the construction industry know their way around the Statute of Limitations 1957 in the context of time triggers for construction claims. But […]