Skillko has just launched its new digital inductions, onboarding and learning management system (LMS) offering Skillko Learn on its award-winning training and compliance management platform.

This latest product addition to the platform aims to revolutionise the way companies within the construction and utility sectors manage their resources and training.

Skillko Learn benefits

Skillko Learn solves the problem of spending multiple hours inducting and onboarding new starters or subcontractors, as well as making this process completely paperless to remove even further administration. Furthermore, the LMS offering allows companies to create custom eLearning courses or upload toolbox talks and send them out to their staff to complete on their mobile devices or computers.

The Skillko team has been working with its customers to build out this new offering in a way that ensures it solves the problems above now and into the future.

Streamlining onboarding

Brendan Maloney, co-founder and CEO, Skillko, comments:  “Skillko was created to eliminate known problems in resource training compliance and management. Our latest product, Skillko Learn, allows businesses to streamline onboarding and inductions of new staff members and contractors, along with creating internal eLearning courses and company briefs. Skillko Learn, along with Skillko Compliance, allows a business to manage the full life cycle of resource training management & compliance specific to the construction & utility industries.”

Skillko client David Sloyan, Director, Roadbridge, comments:  “We have been incredibly happy with the return on investment and benefits we have seen through using the Skillko platform to date and are very excited by the benefits we are already experiencing with its latest feature release, Skillko Learn.”

Additional benefits

This latest product release includes various benefits such as paperless staff onboarding, automatic staff profile creation, upload custom induction videos, create custom eLearning courses and automatic certificate creation. Skillko Learn is now available on the platform, along with Skillko’s other product’s Skillko Compliance and Skillko Trainer.

Contact the team directly at to learn more, or register for a free demo on

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