Ralkore Ltd is a specialist core drilling and concrete cutting service provider that offers an all-island service, 24 hours a day and seven days per week.

With many years of concrete cutting and core drilling experience under its belts, it can undertake many varied and challenging tasks with tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ requirements.

Its construction and engineering work portfolio comprises projects of all sizes, from small to large.

RalKore client list

RalKore’s client list comprises many of the island’s leading contractors and engineering contractors, including John Sisk & Son, BAM Ireland, PJ Hegarty, JJ Rhatigan & Company, Flynn, mac group, Kilcawley Construction, Suir Engineering, and many more.

Its ability to respond to clients’ needs quickly and efficiently is a key to its continuing success and growth, which alongside providing innovative and creative bespoke solutions, makes it the go-to company in Ireland and Northern Ireland for core drilling and concrete cutting services.

Ralkore concrete cutting walls

Using the latest high-cycle electric and hydraulic wall saw technology, Ralkore can cut accurate openings to form windows, doors and ventilation units and remove entire sections of structures in materials such as heavily reinforced concrete, brickwork and stone.

Ralkore’s wall sawing or track-sawing services involve the use of high-quality diamond blades, reaching depths of 1000mm.

Ralkore’s versatile wall saws are small in size and lightweight, so they can be used when heavier floor saws are not feasible. In addition, its wall saws are remotely operated, thus removing the occurrence of vibration and reducing the level of noise encountered by the operator.

Typical applications include:

  • Straight, smooth finished openings in walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Accurately sized, fixture-ready openings for doors or windows
  • Create precise cuts in vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Cut access ways for staircases and elevators

• Create crossovers for mechanical services and cabling • Confined spaces/restricted access areas.

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Ralkore diamond core drilling

Diamond core drilling is one of the most effective and fastest core drilling methods, where operators use top-notch diamond drill bits to create holes and openings with meticulous detail.

Diamond core drilling parts are considered the best tools for creating clean and precise holes in an array of materials, such as metal, concrete, glass, and brick.

It is also a perfect way to create holes in concrete structures and other materials.

Powered by electric, hydraulic or air, holes can be cut from 10mm to 1000mm to virtually unlimited depths, guaranteeing solid versatility.

Whether you need small holes drilled for wiring and plumbing, or huge holes for doors and windows, RalKore’s teams are the leading experts in diamond core drilling in the country.

The precision and accuracy of diamond drilling, combined with its years of extensive experience, enable it to produce the highest standard finish with minimal risk of structural damage.

The vibration-free technique minimises smoke and dust production and, in the process, creates a healthier environment.

RalKore’s diamond core drilling machines also can be used in confined spaces due to their lightweight and portability.

Benefits of diamond drilling

  • One of the biggest advantages of diamond core drilling is that it is a dust- and vibration-free technique for creating error-free holes and openings on a wide range of materials
  • It is one of the fastest techniques for drilling clear-cut holes and making accurate openings on any material while maintaining structural integrity
  • It enables diamond drilling operators to work in confined spaces with ease
  • Since no dust is produced while making holes and openings, there is no health risk for the operators
  • Since diamond is the hardest material in the world, it makes it easier for operators to create precise holes
  • It allows the operators to drill holes on both horizontal and vertical structures between 8mm to 1500mm diameters
  • The stitch-drilling method can be used to create larger openings
  • Cutting with water allows for a dust-free process.

Ralkore is an active member of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) and Pension Scheme (CWPS). It is fully insured and can provide a Construction Guarantee bond when required.

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