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“The time is now for our nation’s Public Works Contracts to evolve”

– John FFF O’Brien

Resolving a disputed public works final account, with the assistance of a third-party neutral, is as much a part of the construction process today as the physical setting out of the Works. However, this is simply not the way it ought to be, and it is high time this was fixed.

Covid-19: Ex-Gratia Payments & Public Works Contracts: “It’s the Difference between Charity and Entitlement”

Having considered the OGP’s latest publications on the ‘Covid Co-operation Framework’, which proposes ex-gratia payments for the costs of implementing measures on construction sites required under the ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’, the sentiment of that line remains!

“Resolution Of Costs And Delays Will Rest On Engagement And Contract Provisions”

Siobhan Kenny

As everyone involved in projects at this difficult time will be aware, the construction industry is facing a litany of novel issues courtesy of the Covid-19 emergency, and the unprecedented measures taken by Government to deal with it.

The requirement to give notice on claims

Construction Dispute Resolution

Anthony Hussey of Hussey Fraser Solicitors addresses the requirement to give notice of claim under most forms of contract.     “Under most forms of contract it is now a condition precedent to making a claim that notice be given of the claim within a short period of time.” The requirement to give notice of […]

Opinion: Construction Dispute Resolution – Wars Behind Closed Doors

Construction Dispute Resolution

John FFF O’Brien of John Farage O’Brien Dispute Resolution Consultants, reflects on the lessons learned over 14 years as a contract claims consultant and advocate Construction Dispute Resolution It never ceases to amaze me that many of the professional people I meet have no idea that some of the biggest commercial contract disputes in this […]

When does time start to run in the case of a construction claim?

Rhona Henry is Head of Matheson’s Construction and Engineering Group. In this issue she poses a simple question that is sure to be of interest… What the Irish Courts say Most stakeholders in the construction industry know their way around the Statute of Limitations 1957 in the context of time triggers for construction claims. But […]