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Ireland’s longest-established timber frame company, IJM Timber Engineering, has been providing timber frame solutions to its customers since 1965. IJM has recognised recent trends in planning for increased density, with developments veering towards a greater need for duplexes to be built. While exploring various methods to try and address this with an off-site solution, IJM identified light gauge steel framing (LGSF) could be utilised similarly to timber frame while providing a concrete slab over the ground floor apartment.


IJM Timber Engineering

Having delivered numerous timber frame units to its customers who have been building the ground floor in masonry to date and have always struggled to adhere to programme dates, this solution allowed them to control programme and achieve deadlines.

Frameform Steel Systems

Killross Properties Ltd completed a four-block duplex unit with IJM and their connected-partner Frameform Steel Systems earlier this year.

Lar McKenna, Director, Killross Properties, commented, “Using this hybrid approach enabled us to have the building watertight in under five weeks versus in excess of 12 weeks had we used a block and precast system. Once watertight, we could allow access for other trades to commence on site. It was also highly advantageous to have one ancillary certifier sign off on the complete design of the duplex structure.

“From order, through design process to certification, we found everything happened as per programme provided by IJM at order stage, alleviating the hassles associated with organising various trades to get to the same stage of building.”

Synergistic systems

Peter McCaughey, who leads both IJM Timber Engineering and Frameform Steel Systems, commented, “I am excited about the synergistic nature of both systems, and I truly believe this will transform the construction process of duplexes for our customers. The connection between these companies encourages a shared approach, which ensures that we continue to work together to develop a combined system of timber frame and LGSF that solves all of the technical issues, with our respective teams thinking as one.”

This LGSF system is available from IJM Timber Engineering and Frameform Steel Systems.

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IJm Timber Engineering

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