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For over four decades, leading heating manufacturer Grant has been leading the way in meeting heating needs of those in the trade and their customers, thanks to its range of innovative heating technologies. Known for providing exceptional performance and reliability, Grant has been working with builders across Ireland, helping them to develop more ‘climate-friendly’ properties by availing of the manufacturer’s integrated heating packages offering.

Grant Hassle-Free Heating Solutions

Working alongside appointed contractors, the technical team of industry experts at Grant will analyse house plans, calculate the heating requirements for each room and correctly size all recommended heating technologies, resulting in a bespoke, highly efficient, integrated solution that will best suit the needs of the home and its occupants. Grant’s technical specialists will also work closely with those involved in building the property to provide help and assurance in terms of compliance. Therefore, those in the trade can feel assured that each new build package has been professionally designed to maximise efficiencies, achieve Part L compliance with the Building Regulations and future-proof the property.

Designing Bespoke Heating Solutions

Grant’s Integrated Heating Packages for New Builds are designed by the manufacturer’s in-house technical specialists to suit the property and its owner’s lifestyle. All the heating technologies featured within the package are also correctly sized, which is vitally important in maximising efficiencies and long-term savings for the homeowner. Each heating package includes a main heat source like the Grant Aerona3 R32 air-to-water air source heat pump, a hot water storage unit from the manufacturer’s range and heat emitters, whether underfloor heating, radiators, or both. There is also an option to include smart heating controls within each integrated heating package. For each project, the Grant technical team will work with the builder to identify which main heat source and supporting heat emitter technologies from the diverse Grant product portfolio would best complement the build.


Grant Aerona3 R32 Air To Water Air Source Heat Pump

Grant’s Aerona3 R32 air-to-water air source heat pump has an ErP rating of A+++ and is an innovative product for many builders across Ireland. Choosing heat pumps over traditional heating technologies ensures efficiencies of up to 97%, which can help homeowners save more on their annual fuel bills. The Grant Aerona3 R32 10kW air-to-water air source heat pump is now being used by many builders across Ireland as the main heat source. The Aerona3 heat pump can work in tandem with Grant’s other heating technologies, including Grant’s range of integrated and pre-plumbed hot water cylinders, which provide the home with domestic hot water. The A+++ rated Grant Aerona3 ASHP range offers three single-phase units of 6kW, 10kW and 16kW and can provide both heat and hot water to the household.

Grant Uflex Underfloor Heating

Grant Uflex underfloor heating is often chosen as the heat emitter within new build homes, especially those in which a heat pump is installed. Both technologies can run together at low temperatures, resulting in heightened efficiency. Uflex underfloor heating is particularly popular amongst self-builders as it is a highly effective product at complementing minimalist home interior design and offers individual zone heating. To complete any heating system and to heighten efficiency, Grant smart heating controls are perfect for controlling the full heating system. Grant aims to make selecting home heating options as simple as possible for those in the building trade whilst maximising cost savings and efficiencies for the future. The expert team at Grant takes pride in making all heating journeys hassle-free.


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