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360 Degree Underwriting adds value to the construction and development space by consistently delivering bespoke quality insurance solutions to developers and contractors.

Significant construction cost inflation in recent years, combined with the growth in high-density construction, has created greater demand for comprehensive “A-rated” insurance capacity on large-scale capital projects in the Irish market.

About 360 Degree Underwriting

360 Degree Underwriting dac (360) is a managing general agent (MGA) specialising in the provision of fully rounded insurance solutions.

Operating in the construction space since 2019, 360 was established in direct response to demands from its broker partners for better service and better products – backed up by empowered underwriters.

The joint managing directors of the company are Paul Sherry and Tommy Byrne. Each has over 25 years of experience nationally and internationally in the construction sector.

Paul Sherry comments, “At 360, we are well positioned to meet our clients’ risk management needs. Our experience has shown that developers, lenders, investors and future purchasers are heavily focused on ensuring that their assets are adequately protected now and in the future. Because our capacity is A-rated, and our claims service is managed locally in ROI, we are well positioned to assist. We can also present Preventative Maintenance options to clients to protect their assets from Water Damage losses post PC – the introduction of leak detection systems can attract premium and T&C concessions during the build phase and on into operational insurances, delivering premium savings year on year.”


360 Degree Underwriting products

360 offers protection with capacity levels of up to €250m in respect of its core products.

360’s core construction insurance solutions include:

  • Commercial Latent Defects Insurance – 10/12 Year Structural Warranty
  • Residential Latent Defects Insurance – 10/12 Year Structural Warranty
  • Mechanical and Electrical Defects Insurance – 10/12 Year M&E Warranty
  • Construction Project Insurance – OCIP Insurance (Contractors ‘All Risks’, Delay in Start Up, Public Liability and Non-Negligence Insurance)

360 Degree Underwriting, in partnership with its A-rated Insurer partners, offers the above insurance solutions to developers and builders of:

  • Apartment and office blocks
  • Mixed-use commercial developments
  • Warehousing/logistics centres
  • Pharmaceutical developments
  • Data centres
  • Mixed PDH/apartment block residential schemes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

360 products are approved by leading lender and investor entities, law firms and local and international brokers.

Citing an example of a growing side of the business, Tommy Byrne explains that the latent defects/warranty business in Ireland has seen a dramatic uptake in recent years.

“Clients are more aware than ever of the need to future-proof their investment to meet the demands of future purchasers and prospective tenants – many of whom expect a structural warranty on the completed building as standard now. With flexible solutions and a modest deposit premium option upfront, clients are choosing to activate warranties to maintain the option at PC without incurring full premium outlay initially.”

360 Degree Underwriting clients

Over the past four years, 360 has been entrusted with insuring over €4bn of construction assets by such marquee clients as Cairn Homes, Marlet Property Group, Lioncor Developments Limited, Hibernia Real Estate Group, Bartra, Ardstone and Ballymore Group.

Bespoke coverage

360 offers a tailoring service, striving to customise insurance solutions that meet the needs of project developers, financiers and legal teams first time, every time.

Paul Sherry adds, “Much time can be lost debating trivia, so our focus is on providing proven solutions to satisfy the respective interests of the parties and progress to contract signing and project commencement at the earliest possible opportunity. If a request can be facilitated, it will be.”

Claims management

The claims function is key to 360’s ongoing successful relationship with repeat clients.

Tommy Byrne explains, “The high standards we demand of ourselves ensures that the claims function is also managed to the highest of standards. With the agreement of our capacity providers, we outsource the claims function to provide a comprehensive claims-handling service, on the ground and to site locally, within 24 hours of incident notification – 365 days a year.”

Preventative Maintenance/Leak Detection

360 has access to cost-effective leak detection solutions with both new build and minimally invasive retrofit options available. Water damage losses can be costly and recurring. Our solution provider can install ‘plug and play’ kit (without a need for extensive opening up works) to monitor and report on leaks as they occur in real time, enabling the asset owner to protect their interests quickly before serious costs accrue. The introduction of water leak detection systems can attract premium and T&C concessions during the build phase and post PC for each insurance renewal thereafter, offering a return on investment and peace of mind in protecting assets from serious water damage disruption.

Risk engineering surveys

Mindful of onerous contractual conditions and the construction regulatory environment imposed by BCAR and the HSA, the 360 risk engineering approach is a collaborative one. Its team of professional engineers and surveyors work with its broker partners and clients to identify and manage risk in a manner designed not to stifle progress with the works schedule but rather to support on-time delivery of that schedule and to help protect the asset – both during the build phase and on into operational ownership.

Working closely with the Assigned Certifier, Design Certifier and Professional Team, 360 risk engineering is a value-added service that its partners appreciate.


To learn more about 360 Degree Underwriting, visit www.360uw.ie

Alternatively, contact your broker or get in touch directly and the 360 team can put you in touch with an approved construction broker to manage your placement.

Commercial Latent Defects Insurance – 10/12 Year Structural Warranty

– €250m+ capacity • Structural Defects

– Ingress of Water

– Loss of Rental Income

Residential Latent Defects Insurance – 10/12 Year Structural Warranty

– €200m+ capacity

– Structural IDI for Apartment Blocks with associated PDH or Duplex Units

– Minimum SI €20m

– Ratio of PDH to Apartment Block Values must be < 25% of the Total Sum Insured

Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance – 10/12 Year M&E Warranty

– Damage caused by defects which result from poor design, materials and workmanship, which manifest in the machinery

– Limits of up to €15m “any one loss”

– Loss of Rental Income – max indemnity period 36 months

Construction Project Insurance – OCIP ‘Wrap Up’ Insurance

(Contractors ‘All Risks’, Delay in Start Up, Public Liability and Non- Negligence Insurance)

– €250m+ capacity

– Contractors ‘All Risks’/ Erection ‘All Risks’

– Delay in Start Up / Advanced Loss of Profits Insurance

– Public/Products Liability – limits of up to €75m available

– Non-Negligence – limit of up to €75m available

NOTE: OCIP ‘Wrap Up’ Insurance includes cover for developers, main contractors, subcontractors of all tiers, the professional team for onsite activities, funders and local authorities (as required) as joint insured’s – avoiding the need to check that all parties carry their own cover and protecting the developer’s interest at the same time.

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