Wavin AS+ is a new innovative wastewater system designed to outperform all other systems on the market in terms of reducing noise levels. It is an ideal solution for tackling noise pollution in multi-occupancy developments, such as apartments, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries and offices. It is manufactured using a mineral reinforced polypropylene material which prevents noise from escaping.

John McPeake, Technical Sales Manager, Wavin Ireland, comments: “The high-quality nature of the material and specially developed sound-absorbing brackets are perfect for small and large installations. This premium low-noise drainage system ticks all the boxes of noise reduction and cost-effectiveness and is designed to benefit specifiers, installers and occupants.”

When specifying products and materials for homes and particularly for multi-occupancy properties, a critical consideration is that noise pollution can significantly impact building occupants’ comfort and well-being. A physical piping system along with a bracketing system can have a major influence on the noise levels generated from wastewater discharges.

The Wavin AS+ and bracket system, along with its SoundCheck tool, provides a comprehensive solution for controlling noise levels. It offers some of the most impressive reductions in wastewater noise available in the market, and with the bracketing system, a Db rating of less than 10Db can be achieved (Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics test report 2019).

Combining the product with a considered approach to the layout of the whole system means that specifiers can effectively minimise the discharge noise from wastewater, creating a more relaxing, productive environment for all occupants.

Push-Fit system

For installers, the Push-Fit system for quick and easy installation makes it more efficient than cast iron systems and using the Wavin AS+ system will ensure that projects can meet current and future acoustic regulations from the outset.

Wavin SoundCheck Tool

Wavin also provides the support to accurately predict the noise levels of any soil and waste installation with the Wavin SoundCheck Tool. This tool, developed by a specialist acoustic engineering company, measures more than ten variables, covering both airborne and structure-borne sound.

Wavin BIM Revit package

The Wavin BIM Revit package for Wavin AS+ (FREE download) with integrated intelligence facilitates fast and efficient design, providing 100% accurate representation of the way the piping system will be installed along with a fully integrated bill of materials for accurate costing and minimising wastage.

For more information, visit wavin.ie/as-plus

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