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Southern Construction Contractors Join Forces To Kickstart Apprenticeship Uptake

Share Apprenticeship Scheme

Construction companies throughout the southern region of Ireland are joining forces to increase the number of young people entering apprenticeships in the sector. CIF members are working to create co-ops whereby a number of construction companies choose to work collaboratively to provide training for new apprentices throughout the industry. Shared Apprenticeship Scheme The Shared Apprenticeship […]

Major Apprenticeships Boost for Wet Trades

SOLAS has announced that it has extended the CIF Apprenticeship Sharing Initiative, a scheme that was initially set up by CIF South East Branch in 2015. The core concept is that contractors, who may not consider taking on an apprentice themselves, for reasons such as they do not have the trade skills in-house or are […]

John O’Shaughnessy, Managing Director, Clancy Construction

John O'Shaughnessy

John O’Shaughnessy, Managing Director, Clancy, talks to Barry McCall about the leadership challenges that the construction industry faces. Clancy is firmly established in Ireland’s construction Top 50 with a turnover of €40m and 100 direct employees. “We have a strategy to double our turnover over the next three or four years,” says John O’Shaughnessy. “There […]