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Industry Warned of Long-Term Damage Caused By Exposure to Hazardous Substances on Construction Sites

The Construction Safety Week 2018 campaign will focus today on the health issues associated with working with hazardous substances. Working with Hazardous Substances Dermot Carey, Director, Safety and Training, CIF said, “Today’s focus on working with hazardous substances, is in line with our realisation that we need to be conscious of health as well as safety. […]

Construction Safety Week 2018: Day Four – Working Safely with Hazardous Substances

Working Safely with Hazardous Substances

A dangerous/hazardous substance in the workplace is deemed any substance, in gas, liquid or solid form, including aerosols, fumes and vapours, that poses a risk to workers’ health or safety. Potential Hazards Some potentially hazardous substances encountered in construction may include: asbestos (eg, pre-2000 insulation, guttering, roof or floor tiles); Respirable Crystalline Silica – RCS […]

Construction Industry Highlights Dangers of Working Close to Utilities

The construction industry will mark the third day of Construction Safety Week 2018 today (24/10/2018) with a focus on the dangers of Working Close to Utilities such as water, electricity and gas. Check Before You Dig! Dermot Carey, Director, Safety and Training, CIF, said: “Today we focus on the danger posed by working close to […]

Construction Safety Week 2018: Day Three – Working Safely Near Utilities

Working Safely Near Utilities

When planning work in near proximity to known utilities, either underground or above ground services (or in the case of unknown utilities), there is a need to take extra safety precautions. There were 68 electrocutions or fatalities in Ireland from the explosive/ burning effects of electricity from 1996 to the end of 2016. Of those, […]

Construction Industry Shines Light on Mental Health Issues That Plague The Sector

The CIF has released a new video featuring architect and RTE star Dermot Bannon, encouraging healthier conversations around mental health in Ireland’s construction sector. The video explores what looks from the outset like a stereotypical, jovial construction site canteen conversation amongst colleagues, but quickly challenges viewers with some hard-hitting and thought-provoking truths. It is accompanied […]

Construction Companies Across Ireland Stage Two-Minute Stand-Down for Safety

Construction companies around Ireland will stage a nationwide ‘stand-down for safety’ on all sites today to mark the beginning of Construction Safety Week which runs from Monday 22 to 26 October. Working Safely at Heights Today’s focus is Working Safely at Heights. Dermot Carey, Director, Safety and Training, CIF, said: “Accidents involving falls from height […]

Ireland Needs to Progress 45,000 Homes per Year to B3 Energy Rating

SEAI Deep Retrofit Conference Discusses Plans to Upgrade Ireland’s 1 Million Energy Inefficient Homes Over 200 building professionals, including architects, specifiers, builders, plumbers, engineers and researchers, gathered at SEAI’s second Annual Deep Retrofit Conference in the Aviva in Dublin. The conference brought together building energy efficiency experts from Ireland and Europe to discuss solutions to […]