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Well-known Kildare-based developer Springwood Ltd opted for a light gauge steel frame system by Frameform Steel Systems for its latest nine-unit, three-storey apartment development in Naas.  

Springwood Ltd, a prominent property development company led by managing director Sean McKenna, has established a strong partnership with IJM Timber Engineering for its timber frame house construction projects.

Sean McKenna’s commitment to efficient and timely construction led him to explore innovative solutions for Springwood’s latest venture: a small apartment block of nine apartments.

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Frameform Steel Systems

To maintain the same level of efficiency and programme clarity that he experienced with timber frame construction, Sean McKenna chose Frameform Steel Systems’ Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) system for this project for several reasons.

The client’s primary objective in choosing LGSF was to deliver a high-quality, energy-efficient apartment block while maintaining an efficient construction programme.

Springwood faced several challenges typical of multi-unit residential construction projects, which led the client to choose LGSF.

The structural design of the three-storey apartment block specified concrete floors at all levels. The LGSF system could easily facilitate this.

The project needed to have efficient scheduling as coordinating multiple trades and services for the construction of a three-storey multi-occupancy building within an existing residential community required meticulous scheduling. The building also required high levels of energy efficiency in line with building regulations. Achieving high energy efficiency and airtightness in a multi-unit building is quite easily done using LGSF systems.

Finally, in order to ensure all elements were compliant with quality standards throughout the construction process, all Frameform systems are fully certified by the NSAI.

Frameform Steel Systems

Frameform solutions

Frameform Steel Systems’ LGSF system offers an ideal solution to satisfy all of Springwood’s requirements.

Frameform’s expertise extended to the design and specification of the concrete slab, including mesh and rebar. This comprehensive approach ensured these structural elements of the building were integrated seamlessly with the steel frame.

Frameform provided a clear and well-defined construction programme. This allowed Springwood to easily schedule follow-on trades and services, minimising delays and optimising project timelines.

The Frameform LGSF system included pre-insulated external walls with factory-fitted airtightness membranes, ensuring excellent energy efficiency and meeting modern building standards.

Frameform maintained rigorous inspection and certification processes throughout the project. It provides full ancillary certification for the complete structure of the building. This commitment to quality assurance ensured that the construction met all required standards and regulations.

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Project outcomes

The collaboration between Springwood and Frameform Steel Systems resulted in a successful and efficient construction project.

Springwood managing director Sean McKenna commented, “We are delighted with our recently completed apartment building, which we procured from Frameform Steel Systems in Dundalk. We have had an ongoing relationship with IJM for many years for our timber frame structures, and it was a no-brainer to get on board with their partner company, Frameform Steel Systems, for our apartment building in Naas. This efficiency and programming suit the way we run our business.

“From signing the order, we had the ground floor on site within six weeks and the entire building structure in-situ seven weeks after that. We found the site very clean, with minimal waste, which promotes a safer and more sustainable working environment. The absence of excess materials and debris minimised the risk of accidents and injuries, ensuring the safety of all on-site personnel.”

IJM’s Peter McCaughey commented, “I can recall doing business with the McKenna family as far back as the early 90’s when our commercial director Ray Hughes’ father Seamus would have been selling timber frame houses to Sean McKenna’s father in SL&T McKenna, one of the first home builders in Kildare to build timber frame houses.”

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In conclusion

Springwood’s apartment block project, in partnership with Frameform Steel Systems, exemplifies the benefits of efficient construction scheduling, energy efficiency, and structural integrity. By adopting Frameform’s LGSF system, Springwood successfully replicated the efficiency and programme clarity they had experienced with IJM’s timber frame construction, reinforcing their

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Client: Springwood Developments

LGSF Provider: Frameform Steel Systems

Project Type: Apartment block – 967 sq metres

Location: The Orchard, Naas, Co Kildare

Project Duration: Six months

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