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The Aqua electric limescale dissolver, a patented Swedish technology, provides robust 24/7 automated protection for water installations and equipment. It also dissolves existing limescale deposits, ensuring peak system efficiency and significant savings in energy, water, and resources. This green technology also reduces carbon footprints and prevents unexpected maintenance, interruptions, and premature equipment failure. Chemical, salt, and filter-free, it remains maintenance-free for an impressive 15 years without hidden costs.

Industries across Europe, including data centres, pharmaceuticals, property managers, manufacturers, and food and beverage producers, have profited from Aqua’s smart technology. It boosts equipment performance, improves plant longevity and cuts costs without significant initial expenses, ensuring a return on investment typically after the first year of use.

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In one example, data centres commonly use liquid cooling to optimise facility operations. However, hard water supply disrupts cooling systems and reduces energy efficiency due to limescale. Aqua’s products effectively maintain scale-free liquid cooling systems, mitigating these disruptions.

Residential, office, retail, hospitality and healthcare buildings typically demand intense heating and cooling operations through HVAC systems. Aqua empowers cost-effective site management operations with its automated functionality and robust protection.

The Aqua range is now available in Ireland through Green Connection and is already delivering significant results for companies operating in several sectors.

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