Nael Bunni

Nael Bunni’s Insights on Construction Contracts and Insurance covers the formative years of his career and his decision to leave his native Iraq through to his remarkable achievements in the complex world of alternative Dispute resolution (ADR) and his work on the various FIDIC conditions of contract. This dialogue with Tayseer Treky and Misbah Kamal offers the reader a rare glimpse into the mind of the man who has influenced so many facets of the construction and insurance world.


In addition to an autobiographical narrative and views on the insurance market, with a particular focus on Iraq in the 1960s and special reference to international construction and engineering, the dialogue covers complex and challenging issues in construction insurance and associated problems.

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Co-author of this dialogue Tayseer Treky comments, “We have benefited tremendously from the writing of this dialogue and acquired some of Dr Bunni’s intellectual habits like attention to detail, punctuality and precision of expression. To us, he is an inspiring example.”

Insights on Construction Contracts and Insurance, Dr Nael G Bunni in Dialogue with Tayseer Treky and Misbah Kamal, in a limited edition hardback book, is available now to buy at

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