KSN Energy has earned ISO 27001 accreditation for its achievements in information security management. Thanks to this certification, the data that KSN Energy handles and processes on behalf of homeowners and employees are now confirmed as highly secure by Certification Europe.

KSN Energy client security is critical

According to KSN Energy data protection officer David Cadwallader, “KSN Energy visits the properties of thousands of homeowners every year, and client security is critical in this regard.

“For KSN Energy, ICT has always been vitally important. While high-quality ICT systems, in general, are vital for providing the excellent energy consultation services they are known for, high-quality ICT security systems are also vital. KSN Energy wishes to demonstrate to prospective and existing clients and customers how we safeguard sensitive and personal data. KSN Energy wants to put client security at the forefront of everything they do as a result of an internal culture shift prompted by the widespread implementation of GDPR.”


Accreditation process

The accreditation was a lengthy and complex process. David Cadwallader, Data Protection Officer, and Keith Kelly, ICT Manager, KSN, spent nearly 18 months and three separate audit sessions optimizing data security. They collaborated with consultant Jack Nagle of ICT security consulting firm RSM to understand the accreditation process in detail. They then compared their existing data security systems to the certification’s standards and addressed any discrepancies.


Importance of data collection

With this accreditation, KSN Energy wants to further bolster its dedication to client confidentiality across the board.

“We intend to use the accreditation to demonstrate to clients how much we value their sensitive data and privacy, “ adds David Cadwallader.

KSN Energy must collect a plethora of detailed data on everything from building blueprints to insulation in order to understand how clients use and conserve energy in their properties. This ISO 27001 certification ensures the security of every ‘byte’ of client data at KSN Energy.

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