In recent years there has been a rise in awareness of the importance of “building tight and ventilating right”.

Ventilation goes hand-in-hand with Airtightness and is particularly important when we look at the huge number of traditional buildings dotted across the country in need of repair. Older buildings with solid masonry walls often present challenges in terms of moisture and uncontrolled airflow, which can damage the building fabric and potentially lead to respiratory complications.

Decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems

For Ecological Building Systems, the addition of a ventilation system to complement its range of Pro Clima Airtightness solutions was an obvious choice to add to their portfolio.

Ecological has partnered with Inventer, based in Germany, who are pioneers in decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems since 1999.



Decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems offer many of the same benefits of a centralised system without the complexity of installing ductwork throughout the building fabric and the resulting cost and upheaval this can cause.

What sets Inventer apart from its competitors is its unique ceramic heat recovery core. The intelligent honeycomb-structured design of the core means the internal surface area consists of 80% air. As ceramic accumulates and stores heat very easily, less energy is required to warm the incoming fresh air. The result is an extremely effective low-energy method of heat recovery ventilation with an efficiency of up to 90%.

Niall Crosson, Group Technical Manager, Ecological Building Systems, comments, “As a company, we have spent many years evaluating the range of ventilation system manufacturers on the market, and we are confident that Inventer offers the same high standard of quality products, backed up with world-class technical support. Inventer ventilation systems are perfectly suited for new builds and particularly for the retrofit market.”


Inventer innovative technology

The innovative technology from Inventer includes the Xenion® fan, which helps prevent the passage of external noise, as well as a patented acoustic insulation system. The IV-14 Zero, which won ‘Best Interior Product’ at the Architect’s Choice Awards, runs on a whisper-quiet fan of 13-29 dB (A). This makes it ideal for bedrooms and areas where noise is a concern. The use of an energy-efficient 3W fan also means that both running costs and carbon emissions are reduced, while 87% of heat is recovered from the extracted air.

Inventer also supplies a range of innovative exhaust fans for wet rooms and system controllers, including the sMove wired controller and the newly launched Easy Connect wireless controller system, which will be launched at the SEAI Energy Show this year. The Easy Connect wireless controller will make retrofit installations of the system even less invasive.

Ecological Building Systems technical support

Ecological Building Systems’ in-house technical support and design team provide detailed guidance on the correct installation of the ventilation system, ensuring optimum heat recovery efficiency, consistent indoor air quality, and comfort.

Members of the Ecological technical team have received advanced training from their German partners at Inventer ensuring specifications are compliant with the requirements of Technical Guidance Documents Part F of the Irish building regulations. Whether in retrofit or new build, indoor air quality must always be prioritised to maintain a comfortable, healthy living environment by limiting the risk of condensation and mould. The range of innovative ventilation solutions provided by Inventer ensures effective ventilation is delivered throughout the building with minimal disruption to the homeowners, along with having exceptionally low running costs.

To find out more about Inventer ventilation solutions, Visit Ecological Building System’s stand (Stand D4) at the Energy Show in March, or visit

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