Kilsaran are delighted to announce that they are the first company to be awarded NSAI Agrèment certification for External Wall Insulation to Lightweight Gauge Steel (LGS) frame substrates. KEWI (Kilsaran External Wall Insulation) can be applied to LGS walls, for both infill and modular loadbearing structures.

KEWI system

The system is a mechanically fixed, external insulated render system, with a vented drained moisture management cavity. It is designed for use with NSAI certified LGS systems that are certified for infill and structural LGS up to 30m in height. The track record proven renders used on the KEWI system are supplied by Henkel Polska.

Robin Byrne from the National Standards Authority of Ireland recently presented Alan Holton and David McKeown from Kilsaran with the NSAI Agrèment Certificate for Kilsaran External Wall Insulation (KEWI).

Rapid build method

Infill panel construction in conjunction with reinforced concrete frames are a rapid build method that can be used in several situations with variable finishes including render, brick, stone and other cladding solutions.

Onsite and offsite modular construction

This new innovative system can be used for both onsite and offsite cost modular construction and has added advantages for offsite construction where up to 90% of wall finishes can be applied in the factory which has many benefits including reduced labour cost, less weather delays, heightened health & safety control, rapid construction techniques and uncompromising levels of quality.

Non-loadbearing infill panels

The system is also assessed for use in non-loadbearing infill panels. The infill panels are used within reinforced concrete, steel frames and traditional construction that possess their own independent lateral stability systems.

For more information, please visit www.kilsaran.ie/product/kewi/

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