Rethinking Your Drinking Habits – Get the Balance Right

In 2019, Drink Aware commissioned a survey to get to the heart of our drinking habits. The research found that 44% of those surveyed drink alcohol at least once per week. Close to one in five (19%) Irish drinkers report consumption of seven or more standard drinks on a typical day of drinking, ie, exceeding binge drinking levels.

Alcohol Consumption in Ireland

Most Irish drinkers are complacent about their alcohol consumption levels with, 84% stating that they do not think they drink to excess. They also appear relatively comfortable with the notion of sometimes drinking to excess. A large percentage (70%) agree, to a greater or lesser extent, with the idea that drinking to excess is a ‘part of Irish culture’, while half believe that drinking to excess at some stage is ‘no big deal’.

Lockdown Alcohol Consumption

The lockdown has not slowed us down either. While the pubs are closed, we are still consuming alcohol, but now it is from the comfort of our homes with off licences and supermarkets seeing an increase in sales of 44% compared to 2019.

“Stress can be a big trigger for drinking. Combine that with the added pressures and boredom of lockdown, and it’s not surprising we might find ourselves reaching for a drink more often,” says Dr Richard Piper, Chief Executive, Alcohol Change UK.

Reduce your alcohol consumption

So what can we do to find the balance? There are plenty of resources online to help reduce your consumption – or you can simply educate yourself on the hidden dangers of alcohol. Drink Aware is a good starting point. Sober Spring (from Alcohol Change UK), also features posts on their website which offer some insights.

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