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As of January 2024, the government started the process of mandating BIM for all public construction projects through the Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF). The first steps of this process mandated that from January 2024, consultants engaged in designing and overseeing the construction of public works contracts with a value over €100m have BIM requirements included in their scope of service.

Before the CWMF BIM requirements (BIM Mandate) commencement date, Build Digital launched a number of templates to assist the industry, particularly the client, in implementing these BIM requirements.

Build Digital

Build Digital aims to ensure that world-class digital practices, which already exist in certain elements of the Irish construction and built environment sector, are adopted throughout the industry and supply chain to create a more sustainable and innovative sector from top to bottom and vice versa.

The project will achieve this goal by providing guidance and leadership on the digital tools, standards, approaches, and education and training required by the sector.

BIM Mandate Rollout Schedule

Project ValueMilestonesMonthDate
> €100m01 – Design Team Only0001/01/2024
> €100m02 – Contractor and Supply Chain1201/01/2025
> €20m03 – Design Team Only1201/01/2025
> €20m04 – Contractor and Supply Chain1801/07/2025
> €10m05 – Design Team Only1801/07/2025
> €10m06 – Contractor and Supply Chain2401/01/2026
> €5m07 – Design Team Only3001/07/2026
> €5m08 – Contractor and Supply Chain3601/01/2027
> €1m09 – Design Team Only3601/01/2027
> €1m10 – Contractor and Supply Chain4201/07/2027
< €1m11 – Design Team Only4201/07/2027
< €1m12 – Contractor and Supply Chain4801/01/2028
BIM adoption will be subject to review, but these key dates are included in a four-year adoption timeline.

BIM mandate templates

The information management plans released in late 2023 capture the requirements in accordance with ISO 19650-1 and -2. The organisational plan approaches this from a client’s perspective when they are considering a project, and it includes the organisational information requirements (OIR). The appointed party plan collates the required documentation for a tender into a single plan and includes the exchange information requirements (EIR). These documents are based on SR CEN/TR 17654:2021 ‘Guideline for the implementation of Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) and BIM Execution Plans (BEP) on European level based on EN ISO 19650-1 and -2’.

These plans are seen as the first iteration to meet the demands of the Irish market and will develop in accordance with future innovation.


Further templates to be released

Further information management plans are being prepared to address the design team’s response to the appointing party plan, which will include the BIM execution plan, which is to be released later in the year. The final information management plan will be the asset plan. This will address the asset owner’s and operator’s needs and include the asset register and safety file index.

BIM Implementation Guide

To accompany the plans, there is an ‘Information Management/BIM Implementation Guide’ that covers the fundamentals to be considered in the implementation of information management BIM. There are also guides to ISO 19650-1, -2 and -3. These guides have been designed to match the structure of the corresponding standard and are a plain language explanation of what the standard requires. They should be read in conjunction with the standards.

CWMF ISO 19650 Process Workflow

Build Digital has also created a CWMF ISO19650 process workflow, which maps the ISO 19650 activities into the CWMF work stages. This is a useful tool for understanding what is required by ISO 19650 in each work stage, allowing people to work through the standard as it is relevant to their current work. ABOUT BUILD DIGITAL Build Digital is a project led by Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), with partners Atlantic Technological University (ATU), Munster Technological University (MTU), South East Technological University (SETU) and University College Dublin (UCD).

Access to BIM templates

The templates, guides, and other supports, such as inventory of networks, Education and Training Networks Inventory, and Circular Economy EU Networks Inventory, are available on Build Digital’s Exchange Hub area at www.builddigitalproject.ie/

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Build Digital – Embedding world-class practices across the Irish construction industry

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