BAM's Building a sustainable tomorrow’ strategy

Described by Royal BAM Group as “Ambitious, transparent and realistic”, BAM sees its new sustainability strategy as a crucial addition to its ‘Building a sustainable tomorrow’ strategy because the company believes there is only a future if it continues to build and maintain sustainably.

The strategy is also crucial for its clients and society to meet sustainability challenges together. The company is launching ambitious targets, aiming to become an industry leader.

Future generations

In a statement, the international contractor says its new sustainability strategy looks beyond its own organisation and looks to the future, “The choices you make as a company have consequences for future generations. This strategy shows BAM’s ambitions to build even more sustainably for those future generations.”

Ruud Joosten, CEO, Royal BAM Group,

Ruud Joosten, CEO, Royal BAM Group, comments, “The construction industry can really make a difference. With this sustainability strategy, we will continue what we have been doing for a number of years and take the lead as BAM towards a sustainable future. We have to show how things can be done differently.”

The goals of the strategy have been made measurable and have been translated into roadmaps to achieve them. To this end, BAM continues to engage with its clients, partners and society to develop solutions to the challenges we all face.

Six sustainability themes for BAM

BAM wants to lead the industry and has taken the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as the basis for its new sustainability strategy. It consists of six themes:

1) Decarbonisation

2) Circularity

3) Climate adaptation

4) Biodiversity

5) Health, Safety and Inclusion, and

6) Social value.

Within each theme, BAM has set itself ambitious targets.

The targets set last year for CO2 emissions have been included in this new strategy, and targets have been set for the other themes. For instance, the company aims to have 75% less construction and office waste by 2030 compared to 2015, climate adaptation measures have been taken on all projects, and by 2030, 30% of senior management consists of women.

Towards a sustainable tomorrow

The consequences of climate change are increasing worldwide. Because of this urgency, BAM considers its new sustainability strategy as a crucial step towards a sustainable future in becoming more predictable, profitable and sustainable. In implementing this new sustainability strategy, BAM aims to further reduce its carbon, raw materials and waste footprint and offer clients scalable sustainability solutions.

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