Frameform Steel Systems and IJM Timber Engineering deliver a value-added LGSF solution for long-standing customer Ballymore Group on a two-storey creche at Station Walk, Naas.

Ballymore Group, a renowned property developer with a solid commitment to innovation and quality, awarded Frameform Steel Systems the contract for the superstructure of their two-storey creche at Station Walk, Naas. This category B2 building had the additional challenge of being built on a restricted site, but this did not present a significant issue for the team, which included IJM Timber Engineering, who are engaged by Ballymore Group for all the timber frame elements on their residential sites, as they were leading the light gauge steel frame (LGSF) project with Frameform Steel Systems.

A supply partner of the Ballymore Group for many years, IJM is delighted to bring the same value proposition in LGSF that it has provided since 1965 with the design, manufacture, supply and erecting of the timber frame structures.

Station Walk, Naas, is a project that comprises 362 single occupancy housing units, which IJM has been engaged on since September 2020. The project is now 75% complete. The provision of the LGSF structure for the two-storey creche through Frameform is an example of IJM using synergies between timber frame and LGSF building systems to provide customers such as Ballymore Group with a one-stop solution for the structures on their developments, whether single occupancy houses, duplexes, apartments or creches such as this.


Ballymore Group

Don McMahon, Residential Construction Director, Ballymore, highlighted the significance of this project as Ballymore’s initial “toe in the water” with LGSF in Ireland. He expressed satisfaction with the outcome, emphasising how LGSF incorporated various design principles into a single entity. The LGSF solution included the steel frame, concrete stairs, and the provision for a concrete floor deck, ensuring compliance with certification requirements such as fire safety and disabled access.


Frameform provided a comprehensive programme that was strictly adhered to, ensuring the project’s timely completion. Don McMahon stated, “The use of LGSF streamlined the project by consolidating activities that would have required multiple subcontractors in traditional construction methods. This consolidation proved extremely beneficial, simplifying the construction process and enhancing overall project efficiency.”

Expert Electrical

Lean Approach

Adopting LGSF meant that tasks traditionally spread across various subcontractors could now be seamlessly integrated. The steel frame, concrete stairs, and floor deck, all crucial components, were handled by Frameform as a cohesive unit. This consolidation expedited the construction process and improved communication and coordination among different project aspects.

Ballymore’s Don McMahon commented, “We are immensely satisfied with the quality, design, and speed of execution of the project. The benefits of LGSF were not just limited to efficiency but also extended to the overall quality and aesthetics of the final structure. Integrating the various elements into a unified system showcased the versatility and adaptability of Frameform’s approach. The success of the Station Walk project solidified Ballymore’s commitment to future collaborations with Frameform.”

The positive experience and benefits reaped from the creche project convinced Ballymore to engage Frameform for other residential developments where LGSF would be advantageous for both multi-occupancy and commercial buildings. This commitment speaks volumes about the trust developed through successful project delivery.

Peter McCaughey, Managing Director, IJM Timber Engineering, comments, “Our history as a supply partner with Ballymore Group spans over many years, and the strength of this relationship is core in the ongoing engagement. This allows us to focus on the needs of our customers, some of which include but are not limited to, programme, cost, environmental impact and lean principles, ultimately leading to us to play a major part in projects for customers such as Ballymore in fulfilling our mission to continuously innovate to streamline the on-site construction process.”

He continues, “By capitalising on synergies between timber frame and LGSF building systems, we have positioned ourselves to offer Ballymore Group and other customers a seamless, one-stop structural frame solution for mixed-use developments, from bungalows to 10-storey apartments.”

In conclusion

The collaboration between Ballymore Group and IJM being extended to incorporate Frameform Steel Systems at Station Walk, Naas, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of LGSF in streamlining construction processes, ensuring compliance with certification standards, and delivering high-quality structures. Ballymore’s decision to extend this collaboration to future projects indicates the success of the venture and the satisfaction provided by this synergistic expertise. This case exemplifies how lean, innovative construction methods and practices can revolutionise traditional approaches and pave the way for more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable building solutions.




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