The roots of Adfil as a specialist fibre manufacturer to the concrete industry date back to 1985, when a Danish company started manufacturing polypropylene monofilament fibres. Through a merger with a UK manufacturer, dedicated to exactly the same thing, ADFIL was born at the end of the 1990’s and under the radar, has been supplying construction fibres to the Irish market ever since via distribution partners. After being 15 years as part of a multinational group, 3 years ago Adfil was sold off to a private investor and is now a fully independent manufacturer of the widest range of construction fibres on the international market.


The important thing to remember about Adfil is that we are manufacturers of premium quality products, not just a company that rebrands random products from around the world. We actually manufacture them in our own facilities in Belgium and under license in the UK, so we know exactly what we are selling to our customers – the highest performing fibres at the lowest dosages!

Being a manufacturer also gives us unique market advantages: we can change the make-up of our fibres, depending on the characteristics required, which has lead us to produce a best in class macro fibre for flooring and precast concrete applications (DURUS EASY FINISH), which was designed with a specifically blended mix of polymers and embossed pattern to enable the fibre to not only give the highest level of technical performance, resulting in the lowest dosage of fibres per cubic metre of concrete on the market, but also at 40mm it mixes superbly and in a reference to its name, it is hardly ever visible on the surface.

Adfil Fibrin XT

Adfil of course started off in the field of micro fibres, both the ultra-fine micro fibres, which were first of all used in industrial floors to control plastic shrinkage cracking, but were later developed into a sophisticated blend of fibres known as Fibrin XT, which impart significant increases in impact and abrasion resistance, as well as hugely improved freeze-thaw resistance, in addition to 100% plastic shrinkage crack control, which no other fibres can achieve!

The other side of the micro-fibre business is the fibrillated, sheet fibres, which are used in screeds, mortars and renders. Over the years Adfil has used its specialist industry know-how of manufacturing fibres to develop a wide range of fibres, that when added to a render for example, will allow it to spread more evenly upon a substrate (reducing waste) and when hardened, will prevent cracking and give many years of resistance to impacts from family activities, such as bike handle scrapes, ball games and general wear and tear of every-day life.

In addition to having all the benefits of being an authentic manufacturer, Adfil has been able to bring together a team of genuine fibre experts, a team of people who do nothing other than work in the field of fibres in concrete. Having spent the last 22 years in the field of fibre concrete and contributed to many different specialist forums, and having spoken at numerous international conferences and published countless papers on the subject, Garry Martin, based in County Down, is now bringing all that wealth of technical and practical hands-on experience to customers across the market in Ireland.

Please do not hesitate to contact Garry if you are interested in getting one of our free of charge designs that come with PI Insurance of €2,000,000 (unique to the Irish market) and if we can’t help you save time and money on your next job, by taking away steel mesh – nobody can! Garry Martin, Email:, M +44 (0) 7803 239 532 Web:

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