Thermal Insulation Distributors Ltd (TIDL) has manufactured one of the largest Phenolic Pipe Supports ever made in Ireland. The pipe support is being made for use in a large Irish project under construction.

One of the supports is 1.9 metres in width and capable of supporting a pipe with a weight of 3.2 tonnes.

Further supports are being manufactured by TIDL at their manufacturing facility in Ballycoolin, Dublin. The largest of these supports will be over 4 metres in diameter and will be capable of supporting a pipe with a weight of 15 tonnes. A product of this scale is not something that would be available off the shelf and has been designed and engineered by TIDL with their partners to provide a safe, workable, and appropriate product to meet the requirements of the project.

Commenting on the production of pipe supports of these sizes for use in Ireland, Shaun Gillen, Sales Manager, Original Equipment Manufacturers/High-Temperature Insulation (OEM/HTI), said, “TIDL is proud to be the first in Ireland to produce pipe supports on this scale and to work with our customers to provide solutions to their engineering requirements.”

The process of designing and producing the supports continued throughout the pandemic, with many virtual design meetings and later production works to complete the support. TIDL also has worked in the past with other customers to create unique solutions for their insulation requirements.


New technology and machinery

TIDL has invested heavily in new technology and machinery which has allowed more solutions to be provided to complex requirements, such as chamfering each support to allow for heat tracing cables or other bespoke requirements.

Employing more than 60 people in Ireland, TIDL offers a wide range of solutions for insulation requirements in areas such as H&V, Fire Protection, High-Temperature Insulation (HTI) applications, Noise Control, bespoke solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and bespoke removable insulated jackets within their Thermal Covers Division. As part of the Ipcom Group, TIDL has access to a wide range of expertise and products throughout Europe to provide solutions to individual insulation requirements.


Leading manufacturer

TIDL is Ireland’s leading manufacturer and distributor of thermal and fire-stopping products for commercial and industrial applications. Led by Chief Executive Officer, Paudie Gillen, with over 30 years’ experience in the Insulation industry, TIDL has an experienced team of product specialists who can provide solutions for individual insulation requirements. Service longevity with TIDL is commonplace with various team members being with the company for 20-25 years.


Extensive portfolio

The TIDL portfolio is extensive and comprises a mix of own-manufactured ranges, along with market-leading brands such as Rockwool, Armacell, Paroc, Lamatherm, Isover, Foamglas, Knauf, Kingspan, Sager and Tarecphen.

TIDL is synonymous with many of these world-renowned brands, their pedigrees perfectly dovetailing with and reinforcing TIDL’s core philosophy of providing quality product solutions supported by technical excellence and advice.

These attributes and strengths are continually independently assessed by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) who have certified TIDL’s Quality Management System to IS EN ISO 9001:2015. This is a significant mark of approval for TIDL, as it covers its entire operation, from the manufacture, sale and distribution of thermal insulation, fire-stopping and noise control products through to specialist building products and cut insulation products for OEMs.

Not surprisingly, TIDL’s customer list includes all the leading blue-chip, web, electronic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies, along with energy providers, universities, hospitals, schools and commercial and industrial companies.


For more details about TIDL products, phone 01 882 9990, email sales@tidl.ie, or visit www.tidl.ie