Daisy House




Children’s cancer charity, Cancer Fund for Children, has announced that the tender documents are now available for their therapeutic short break centre, Daisy Lodge, to be built on the shores of Lough Corrib in Cong, Co Mayo.

About Daisy Lodge

This therapeutic centre will provide children across Ireland impacted by cancer and their families with a safe, restorative space where they can focus on spending time together and reconnecting as a family. Construction of this 30,000-square-foot facility is due to begin this summer, and the release of the tender documents marks a crucial step forward in this process.

Pre-construction works

Last year, work was carried out to clear the site in preparation for construction to commence in 2024 and under the supervision of an archaeologist and ecologist, a sub-base has been laid for a new access road, car park, the footprint of the building and an outdoor play area.

Government funding

The government also announced last year that they would commit €7.5m in funding to the build of this facility.

Speaking about this capital appeal project, Cancer Fund for Children CEO Phil Alexander said: “We are thrilled to have reached this milestone in bringing Daisy Lodge to life in the west of Ireland so that we can provide therapeutic short breaks to even more families impacted by childhood cancer. We would like to thank all of our incredible supporters and the local community who supported us along this journey. Without your passion and generosity, this would not be possible.

“We now invite construction and engineering organisations to join us in our mission. Please explore the tender details and share the news with your contacts.”

Vanessa Matczak, age 16, from Mayo, was supported by the Cancer Fund for Children when she was diagnosed with cancer. Speaking about this development, she said: “My family and I went to Daisy Lodge in Newcastle, Co Down, and it took my heart. You can relax there, do normal things and forget about bloods and everything. Everyone there understands, so they won’t be staring you down if you have short hair or have something on your body.

“For every family that Cancer Fund for Children supports at Daisy Lodge, there are another six they can’t accommodate. Having a second Daisy Lodge in Co Mayo will mean that they can be there for even more families impacted by cancer and will also mean that some families don’t have to travel so far.”

About Cancer Fund for Children

Cancer Fund for Children provides informal emotional, social and therapeutic support to children impacted by cancer and their families, at home, in the hospital and at their existing therapeutic short break centre, Daisy Lodge, in Newcastle Co Down. The building of a second Daisy Lodge will increase the number of family members the charity can support each year from 1,800 to 4,000.

Tender documents are available for review on

https://www.etenders.gov.ie/epps/cft/prepareViewCfTWS.do?resourceId=2954453 .

You can view more info on the charity and the Daisy Lodge Mayo project by visiting their website, www.cancerfundforchildren.com