RoanKabin, an Irish-based manufacturer and supplier of modular building solutions, has unveiled what it says is an innovative housing unit at the Modular Housing Demonstration Project at a site on the East Wall Road. The exhibition is being run by the four Dublin local authorities to advance the accommodation options for families who are currently placed in emergency accommodation whilst awaiting social housing.

RoanKabin has constructed a 75 sqm two bedroom accommodation pod, which could accommodate a family of five. The unit contains a fully equipped kitchen including a cooker and a washing machine, a bathroom with a shower and a comfortable living room space. These units can be built with one, two or three bedrooms to accommodate families of six.

RoanKabin took a modular approach to the development of its exhibition house, meaning it was built in sections at the RoanKabin factory in Kildare and then assembled on-site in a matter of days. This method of off-site construction is more time effective than a typical build.

Roger Hastie, Managing Director UK and Ireland, RoanKabin said:

RoanKabin believes strongly that modular homes could play a critical role in addressing the significant homeless crisis. We are delighted to participate in this exhibition to showcase our modular solution and to have an opportunity to highlight the key benefits of this approach including high standards of workmanship and materials, design options and, of course, the fast speed at which modular builds can be constructed. Modular houses are suitable for both temporary and long term accommodation, with a 60 year warranty, and can even be repurposed by Dublin City Council in the future, making it a good investment.

Although the exhibition is highlighting modular built homes as a temporary solution to the homelessness crisis, this form of off-site construction is also used to construct permanent buildings such as hospitals and schools. RoanKabin has completed projects at St. James Hospital, Cork University Hospital and a range of primary and secondary schools around Ireland.

Modular buildings constructed by RoanKabin today are of the highest technical specifications, well insulated and are as comfortable as traditional builds. Modular builds can offer a much greater degree of design freedom ensuring housing would be visually appealing and enjoyable for residents.

The building RoanKabin has provided complies with the latest building regulations. The planning guidance states residential developments comprising 10 or more units will also require 20% of total predicted carbon emissions to be off-set through on site renewable energy sources which RoanKabin can support. This however could vary between planning authorities.