The much-anticipated amendments to Public Sector contracts will be implemented in the New Year, it has been revealed.
In a statement issued to CIF members, Federation Director General said: “I am delighted to announce that the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform have agreed the implementation of the Interim Measures amending the Public Sector Contracts, as outlined in the Review of the Performance of the Public Works Contracts 2014”.
He went on to add: “After a lengthy process and lobbying effort from CIF and its members, we are extremely pleased to finally see this significant positive move forward.
We believe this first step will bring some long awaited relief to our members and will benefit the state, the overall economy and stakeholders throughout the procurement process.
The amendments should also help in securing more cost certainty and efficiency in the delivery of sustainable quality outcomes across a broad range of public procurement. Greater certainty in dealing with the selection and procurement of specialist contractors is also very welcome.
The amendments have the potential to reduce the amount of management time and expense currently involved in dealing with costly disputes, a feature that is particularly welcomed by all.
The CIF will continue to regularly liaise with the Department, the Office of Government Procurement and the Government Construction Contracts Committee regarding this issue. Our in-depth knowledge and experience on offer through our organisation and membership has had, and will continue to have, a valuable contribution to this on-going process.
We look forward to the development and implementation of the elements of the Medium Term Strategy set out in the Review Document published in 2014, and will continue our efforts in making a positive contribution in this area.
This marks the first step in the overall review, we look forward to seeing the implementation of these interim measures in the weeks and months to come.
The CIF will be rolling out a series of awareness raising programmes in January and February next year. Information will be sent to all members shortly and I encourage you all to sign up for these important briefings.”