Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) has launched an updated GeoHive, the state’s geospatial data infrastructure, with the support of the office of the government chief information officer. An online treasury of interactive maps, geospatial data and apps, GeoHive provides unprecedented access to information about Ireland that can be accessed by everyone.

GeoHive allows public service bodies, commercial organisations, not-for-profit groups and the general public to more easily find, analyse and use data on all aspects of life in Ireland, from the natural environment to economic development, education and housing. People can explore digital maps and compare data across different regions or time periods to gain the insight they need to make well-informed evidence-led decisions.

Developed by OSi, GeoHive meets the need for a single platform for sharing geospatial data that was envisaged by the government in its Public Sector Data Strategy 2019-2023. All public sector organisations can use GeoHive to publish their datasets, web services and maps and make their up-to-date geospatial information easy for everyone to find and use.

GeoHive is very easy to use, allowing people without technical skills or specialist software to explore the public sector data available and analyse it. Users can find the answers to their questions by zooming into an interactive map, searching in a data catalogue or exploring the themes section, which includes a selection of ready-to-use apps, StoryMaps and dashboards.

Hugh Mangan, OSi, says that GeoHive is unlocking data and transforming it into understanding. “It is now much easier for people to find public sector data online, as it is all in one place. They can also more easily explore this data on interactive maps, analyse it and gain a deeper understanding of the issues that impact their local communities, the economy and the environment.”

OSi will continue to develop GeoHive to ensure that it meets the current and future needs of public sector stakeholders and the country as a whole.

Lorraine McNerney, OSi, comments: “It is our aspiration that GeoHive will play a key role in helping public service bodies to deliver better, more efficient public services. With improved access to current, authoritative data from across the whole public sector, local authorities and central government departments will be empowered to make the right decisions, whether they are planning new urban developments, expanding healthcare services or restoring vital natural ecosystems.”

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