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Irish construction has still not realised the full potential of MMC

Michael O’Reilly, Director, O’Connor Sutton Cronin, writes about how modern methods of construction, and in particular off-site manufacturing, is delivering solutions for Irish construction, but the sector needs to address several issues before it can fully benefit from the construction method.

“There are some key lessons which everyone who wants to use adjudication should learn”

The right to adjudicate a payment dispute has been a statutory right in construction contracts since 2016, mandated by the Construction Contract Act 2013 (“Act”). Adjudication is designed to settle disputes speedily and economically. The process itself (once an Adjudicator is appointed) is restricted to 28 days, although it can be extended with the consent of the parties.

“The Land Development Agency Bill 2021 presents an opportunity for all parties to pool their resources to tackle the housing shortage”

Land Development Agency Bill

Godfrey Hogan, Principal Consultant, Reddy Charlton, outlines the main provisions of the Land Development Agency Bill 2021. Godfrey Hogan, Principal Consultant, Reddy Charlton. On 05 February 2021, the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien TD, published the Land Development Agency Bill 2021. The broad driver of the Bill is for the Land […]

“The time is now for our nation’s Public Works Contracts to evolve”

– John FFF O’Brien

Resolving a disputed public works final account, with the assistance of a third-party neutral, is as much a part of the construction process today as the physical setting out of the Works. However, this is simply not the way it ought to be, and it is high time this was fixed.

Covid-19: Ex-Gratia Payments & Public Works Contracts: “It’s the Difference between Charity and Entitlement”

Having considered the OGP’s latest publications on the ‘Covid Co-operation Framework’, which proposes ex-gratia payments for the costs of implementing measures on construction sites required under the ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’, the sentiment of that line remains!