National Construction Summit





The 2023 National Construction Summit is being held on Tuesday, 21 March at the Sport Ireland Campus, Blanchardstown, Dublin.

Incorporating a comprehensive conference programme, including a wide array of seminars and free workshops, the event will also feature an extensive exhibition area, showcasing the latest products, services and technology for the construction, engineering, sustainable building, maintenance and architectural sectors.

National Construction Summit

National Construction Summit 2023

Key conference themes at the 2023 National Construction Summit include jobs, skills, training and education; infrastructural investment; public & private housing; finance; building materials & services innovation; foreign direct investment (FDI); Project Ireland 2040, Housing For All; smart design for off-site construction; Construction 4.0; green technology; and sustainability.

A variety of topics will be discussed at the event including:

– Planning
– Benefits of precast concrete designed at the earliest project stage
– Facility management
– Energy efficiency
– Meet the buyer
– Smart buildings & cities
– Transport
– Regulations & policy
– Sustainability
– Identifying projects & how to win them
– Infrastructure
– Sustainable energy projects
– Municipal and government projects
– Industrial projects
– Technology & innovation
– Building materials
– Careers and training
– Architecture & design
– Property management
– Residential, commercial and industrial outlook
– Finance and investment
– Rental market
– Meeting Ireland’s housing needs
– Meet the investors
– Tax and legal issues
– Urban planning
– Tegulations & policy.

Economic strength

With its current annual output valued in excess of €29bn (over 6% of GDP) and employing about 160,000 people (6.4% of total employment), the construction sector is a vital component of the Irish economy. The sector provides the necessary infrastructure required to sustain Ireland’s economic growth and competitiveness and to attract foreign direct investment (FDI).

According to a recent EY Economic Advisory report, the value of Irish construction output is projected to reach €35.2bn in 2024.

Although the Irish construction industry is undergoing a steady recovery following subdued activity in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it faces significant challenges, such as rising materials costs, skills shortages and difficulties in planning and public sector procurement, if it is to deliver the 35,000 housing units that are required annually and the €116 billion investment in necessary infrastructure envisaged under the government’s Project Ireland 2024 programme to drive economic growth.

Construction innovation

In order to design and construct the sustainable buildings and infrastructure required by a growing population and to help businesses adapt to the challenges of the unfolding fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), the construction industry throughout Ireland needs to rapidly adopt innovative technologies and techniques. However, there is concern that the industry is not evolving fast enough to meet these changing needs.

Co-located events

The 2023 National Construction Summit, in conjunction with a number of co-located events, will attempt to present solutions to these challenges.

Visitors are free to move between the different co-located events, which include:

* The Architecture, Design and Planning Expo;

* BIM & Digital Construction Show

* The Data Centre and Critical Infrastructure Expo;

* The Lean Construction Show;

* The Offsite & Modular Construction Show;

* The Engineering Summit;

* The National Facility Management and Maintenance Show;

* Passive Construction & NZEB;

* The Smart & Green Building Expo.

Registration to attend the 2023 National Construction Summit is now open.

Register for free at:

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