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: Jason Kenny, Commercial Director, M&N Civil Engineering; and Manus McGarvey, CEO, M&N Civil Engineering.

M&N Civil Engineering recently celebrated its 20th year in business. The company was established in 2004 by founder Manus McGarvey, who is driven by a passion for machinery and a commitment to delivering exceptional projects.

From humble beginnings building one-off houses and local schools to its current involvement in the largest basement excavations in Dublin city and soil stabilisation projects for large residential developments, M&N Civil Engineering has continuously evolved its expertise and capabilities to meet the dynamic and ever-changing needs of the Irish construction market.

Manus McGarvey’s journey began with a love for machinery, which he had cultivated since his youth. In 2004, he took a leap of faith and established M&N Civil Engineering, purchasing his first machine despite uncertain prospects. During the initial phase, the company faced challenges typical of startups.

M&N Civil Engineering CEO McGarvey reflects: “The early years were challenging, but they were also defining moments for us. We will continue to innovate and collaborate; that’s always been the foundation for M&N. Our people are the heartbeat of the organisation. Our employees’ dedication and hard work have been the driving force behind our success.”

The company’s resilience was put to the test during the collapse of the Celtic Tiger era. In response, Manus McGarvey seized opportunities abroad, securing a 14-month contract with the Romanian government for infrastructure projects. These strategic endeavours not only sustained M&N Civil Engineering but also broadened its horizons, laying the foundation for future success.

M&N Civils 20th Anniversary Video

In 2011, a significant milestone came for M&N Civil Engineering when they were approached by one of the largest contractors in Ireland.

“They had a data centre project and needed a contractor they could trust to deliver,” recalls McGarvey. “The project went so well that we continued to do nine phases on the data centre campus, which was a testament to our reliability and commitment to excellence.”

M&N has worked on several significant projects in Ireland, ranging from large data centres and commercial offices to retail projects, such as Fibonacci Square/Facebook HQ in Ballsbridge and Kevin Street Garda Station. It has also been contacted on private and public housing projects and several large infrastructure projects.

Jason Kenny, Commercial Director, M&N Civil Engineering, adds: “At M&N, we pride ourselves on being a reliable company with a reputation for completing every job to the highest standards. Everyone has their part to play and knows they’re part of something special.”

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