Levelling Equipment Services are a distribution partner for Leica Geosystems in Ireland and are specialists for the Leica iCON range. They help companies develop a complete workflow for different tasks that are required on a busy construction site to allow for speed and accuracy for data capture. These tasks can vary in hardware too from using robotic total stations to 3D laser scanners or other hardware solutions from Leica Geosystems.

John Sisk and Sons approached Levelling Equipment Services to see if they could help improve Sisk’s workflow on the 1 Wilton site in Dublin. Sisk wanted to speed up their onsite verification checks on the structural connection plates. They were looking to verify the position of thousands of structural connections. This allowed them to see if adjustments were required prior to the delivery of all prefabricated elements of the façade.

The existing method which was very time consuming required the engineer to conduct a standard as-built survey on the plates. The surveyed data was then overlaid with the design cad file and then manual dimensions were pulled from drawing. A colour-coded report was pulled out of excel where the extracted dimensions were compared against a pre-defined tolerance. By leveraging their close relationship with Leica Geosystems Levelling Equipment Services were able to work together to define a solution to enhance their current workflow and deliverables in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

LEvelling Equipment Services suggested using the Leica iCON Layout Objects app with the new point creation tool that lets you import IFC data into the controller and easily define custom points on IFC objects and classes for use on site. This allowed Sisks to compare the 3D data that was surveyed to the design data while on site as a first verification step.

A Dynamo script was developed to further enhance the workflow, that pulls the as-built data from the stake-out report. This data is compared to the design at a set tolerance and is then imported into Autodesk Revit.

The report is not limited to the IFC data, Levelling Equipment Services can use 2D or 3D CAD/ASCII/PDF data if required. The script generates colour-coded spheres as seen in the image below. The colour coding is based off the set tolerances and can be adjusted depending on the task. The design team can instantly see if there will be an issue and if so, they can decide straight away prior to site delivery for the panels for the façade. This workflow has sped up their verification process by a significant amount.

One of the facades consists of nearly 700 items to be checked. Previously it would take 10 minutes per item on the façade to be verified using the CAD/ Excel process. The entire façade analysis can now be achieved in five minutes after the initial survey is conducted.

LES have a skill set that sets us out from the competition. They are experts in the Leica iCON and Autodesk solutions. They can create unique workflows for the most complex of jobs.

Please call LES if you have a complex situation on site that needs them to review for you. It is their job to make your life easier with their fantastic solutions.

If you require a similar process, please feel free to get in touch.

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