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John Sisk & Son has made a one-off payment this month to its staff in Ireland, UK and Europe to help with rising prices, as people face into winter and the extra costs that itbrings.

In Ireland and Europe Sisk is paying €1,000 and in the UK £900, before tax, via the September payroll.

Sisk also recently told staff that Christmas vouchers this year worth €500 in Ireland and £400 in the UK, will be issued in November.

Paul Brown
Paul Brown, CEO, John Sisk & Son.

Speaking in a recent internal note CEO Paul Brown said: “We are very aware of the issue with the cost of living and as a Board, we have reviewed a variety of options. As a Board we appreciate the commitment you show to Sisk and we recognise the unprecedented challenges that increased costs are having on everyone.  We hope these two initiatives can help ease the burden in the coming months. Thanks for all your ongoing help and hard work, it is greatly appreciated.”


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