Google’s Irish boss has said Ire;and is the perfect place to build data centres. He was speaking as the company announced it was building a new data centre in west Dublin, at a cost of €150m.

Head of operations with Google Ireland Ronan Harris said: “I think the view that we have of Ireland is that it is a wonderful place to base ourselves and do business. Every time we’ve wanted to expand and grow, we’ve been able to find the talent and infrastructure that we needed to be able to do that.”

The data centre will employ 400 people during the construction phase. 

“We’re still very excited about our presence in Ireland and what Ireland has to offer,” said Mr Harris. “We’ve made a lot of capital investments here since 2010, including a data centre that went online in 2012. This is yet another investment on our part.”

“We launched our first (date centre) in 2012 and we have been monitoring the results closely and perfecting the model.
“We have learned a lot. This time around, we invested twice as much. It is significantly bigger, about 30,000 square meters.”
“We have always been able to find the right sites. And obviously, Ireland’s location is great for reaching European customers. There is great connectivity, great space and all the infrastructure we need.”