Dornan Group Engineering had a bumper year in 2020, achieving the largest turnover in its history.

According to Dornan Engineering Managing Director Micheál O’Connor: “On the back of an exceptional year in 2020, 2021 has shown some pause in certain sectors following the impacts of Covid-19 on the broader European and global economies.

Dornan Engineering
Micheál O'Connor, Managing Director, Dornan Engineering.

“The commercial sector and office development, in particular, has been impacted due to some uncertainties toward post-Covid working practices. However, we have now seen evidence of an imminent resurgence in this sector as clients have solidified their future strategies, and we expect 2022 and beyond to be strong years in this area. This, coupled with continued growth in our data centre, life sciences and industrial sectors, means 2022 is expected to outstrip our 2020 performance and will continue on an upward trajectory for subsequent years.”

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Dornan Clients

At its core, Dornan is a project delivery company that has adapted its offering over the years to meet its clients’ evolving needs. This laser focus on “sticking to the knitting” has seen Dornan grow with its blue-chip clients. Dornan’s collaborative work ethic, its solutions-driven approach and constant desire to meet the demanding needs of its clients have meant that Dornan receives repeat business from many household names in the data centre, life sciences and semiconductor sectors across Ireland, UK and Europe.

Covid-19 Impact

By and large, Covid-19 has not impacted the Dornan business, apart from some lagging impacts to specific sectors, but it has resulted in Dornan adapting.

Micheál O’ Connor notes: “Dornan took early steps to put the correct measures in place to protect our people from Covid-19. We adapted these measures to respond to the various waves and strands we encountered over the past 18 months. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was a case of implementing measures and adhering to guidelines and advice to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

“However, as the pandemic wore on, the potential mental impact became an increasing priority,” he continues. “To that end, wellbeing and mental health was a key focus for us. When isolation was at its peak, we encouraged colleagues to check in on one another and chat remotely. We used digital platforms to adapt our sports and social club to encourage people to remain active during isolation and set group challenges. We also used the initiative to raise money for charities monthly. As restrictions lifted, we encouraged personnel to ‘Take a colleague for a walk’. We also encouraged walking meetings and continued to support and be there for those who needed us most. We are very proud of the flexibility shown by our people, the care and support shown to one another and the resilience they have demonstrated during this period.”

The Future

The future for Dornan hinges on its people and clients.

Micheál O’Connor says that Dornan is determined to continue to develop and grow its people through training and development. It is keen to utilise technology to strike an appropriate balance in a flexible working environment.

He explains: We are continuing to enhance our graduate development programme and provide advancement opportunities for existing and new personnel who are prepared to stretch and challenge themselves to be the best the industry has to offer. To that end, the company continues to support STEM programmes in schools. We have established a Women in Dornan network and will continue to put programmes and support measures in place to embrace diversity within Dornan.”

The company is equally determined to meet and surpass the evolving needs of its clients. It continues to add offerings to its core project delivery services and invest in modern methods of construction, both internally and through its supply chain, to push the barriers of timescale and value for its clients.

“At Dornan, we are very clear that we want to be the best at what we do. We are clear on our offering and aim to be the best at it. To achieve this, we are certain that placing our clients’ needs central to our strategy and steering the continuous development and improvement of our people is a sure way of attaining our goal,” Micheál O’Connor concludes.

Dornan Engineering
Dornan Engineering offsite manufacturing facility.

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KEY EXECUTIVES: Brian Acheson, Chief Executive Officer; Micheál O’ Connor, Managing Director; Joe Conway, Head of Business Development, Ireland.

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YEAR END: 31/12/2020