Liz Carroll, Network Manager, Construction Professionals Skillnet, writes about several new Skillnet programmes designed to assist contractors in addressing issues that may arise as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.
To support the Irish construction industry during the Covid-19 crisis, Skillnet Ireland has made a response fund available, the aim of which is to help ensure the continuity of business post-shutdown and to ensure that companies are better equipped to deal with the new circumstances. With the aid of this funding, the Construction Professionals Skillnet made several training programmes, courses and webinars available virtually and free of charge up to the end of June.
The Skillnet has also been awarded additional funding to enable it to upskill unemployed in the sector. These courses will include a number of the CIOB Certificate in Construction Site Management modules and a course on Technology for Site Workers. They are available from May to the end of August.
The following are courses and programmes that have been provided using the Covid-19 Response fund, but they will also be available at a later date.

Transform Your Business – A Development Programme For SME Owner/Managers

Ten owners/managers have started on the journey of working on their business, not just in their business. They are being given the tools to set an effective strategy in their company with clear goals for themselves and their staff with the structures to maximise performance for themselves and their employees.

“We have very particular assignments which are exactly what we should be doing in our organisation. There is a sense of getting through the process in small steps each week.” David O’Sullivan, ACS Construction


“This course scares me a little as it’s like an alarm sounding Time For Change. But it would be foolish to ignore that alarm.” Leona Melia, Litchford Ltd

CIOB’s Certificate In Construction Site Management

The Certificate in Construction Site Management requires the completion of four modules. Two of these are being offered as part of the Covid-19 response, with additional modules being offered under normal circumstances at a later stage. The target audience is tradesmen with at least two years’ supervisory experience.
In the first module offered – Project Planning for Construction – participants learned how to:

  • Detail the types of documents used for project planning
  • Produce a method statement for works
  • Produce a coherent and complete programme for works
  • Explain how site inspections findings influence the execution of the works
  • Determine resource requirements for construction works.


“Really enjoying doing this course online and the tutor is good on delivery.” Declan Cairns, SIAC

The second module – Project Control and Monitoring for Construction – starts on 8th June. On this module participants will learn how to:

  • Explain the procurement of construction materials and plan for the execution of works
  • Monitor the progress of construction works
  • Management the environmental impact of construction works
  • Manage expenditure against budget.

One of the critical areas in any construction project is project planning. If this is carried out correctly, then the implementation and management of that project should be much smoother. The above two modules focus on traditional tools and techniques used in project management. Another of our programmes, Introduction to Lean and the Last Planner System, helps manage the project by focusing on the entire supply chain in the delivery of the project, using tools and techniques originally used in manufacturing to improve efficiencies but equally applicable in construction and more of a necessity currently with the reduction in productivity on account of Covid-19.

Introduction To Lean Construction And The Last Planner System

  • Participants in this course learn about
  • Lean Construction
  • Eyes for waste
  • The Last Planner System in practice
  • Creating a roadmap to implement the Last Planner System in your Project.

Zoom To Improve – A Series Of Webinars Aimed At SMEs

Several webinars were provided to help SMEs during the Covid-19 crisis. They covered areas such as financial supports, cash flow, resilience, working with a remote team, positivity, productivity and leadership.
For full details on all available courses see www.cpskillnet.ie. Booking is essential. To book, please contact Liz Carroll Tel: 087 932 3749 or email: cpskillnet@cif.ie
 The Construction Professionals Skillnet is still open for normal business. If you wish to provide training for your staff and need support financially or in the design or sourcing of training, Liz Carroll can assist you with this and can be contacted on 087 932 3749 or cpskillnet@cif.ie