The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is collaborating with Government in leading the national response to Covid-19. The initial phase is containment with the objective being to minimise the spread of Covid-19. This is the critical stage for employers and employees. Decisive, proactive containment measures taken now can reduce negative impacts in the future.
Ensuring those that are affected self-isolate is essential to limit and slow down the spread of the virus, to keep the number of affected people to a minimum; and reduce peak pressure on the health service and the impact on the economy.
The Government has asked the CIF to urge its members and the wider industry to help ensure employees follow self-isolation directions by removing where possible concerns about income.
To this end, the Government will introduce a series of measures to enhance State illness payments for people affected by Covid-19. To bolster this measure, the CIF and the Government are recommending all employers support the national effort by continuing to pay workers who cannot attend work due to contracting Covid-19 or due to certified self-isolation, the difference between the special Illness Benefit rate and their wages.
The Government accepts the CIF’s contention that some companies will not be able to do so due to their financial situation in the crisis. To support companies, several liquidity measures to assist affected businesses have also been announced by the Government and are accessible on www.dbei.ie along with a definitive checklist for preparatory actions in responding to COVID-19.
The CIF will continue to work with the Government and other stakeholders to mitigate the adverse economic impact in the period ahead.