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CIF – Think safety to reduce workplace accidents

Launching its annual construction safety week campaign CIF called on all construction companies to set aside time to re-emphasise the importance of safety to their employees with a view to further reducing workplace accidents.

Running from 12 to 16 September, CIF Construction Safety Week features a series of week-long initiatives run across construction sites and offices nationally.

The aim is to help construction companies establish a safety mindset amongst their employees. This will ultimately reduce workplace accidents and maximise the safety and well-being of their employees.

Director General of CIF, Tom Parlon said: “We’re asking all construction companies and self-employed people involved in the sector to take time this week to re-emphasis safety on site. The industry has been very successful in reducing workplace accidents and safety and health is now the cornerstone of the reputation of the construction industry.

“We want construction companies to run briefings, hold meetings, put up posters, run reward schemes and deliver training to get their employees to think safety this week and every week. Events like Safety Week are absolutely critical in reminding employees to think ‘safety’ as this is proven to have a significant impact in reducing accidents.

“Serious incidents are down dramatically over the last number of years, however, accidents are now concentrated in the micro-enterprise sector. The CIF will continue to work with the HSA and other members of the Construction Safety Partnership Advisory Committee to promote safety to this group and our membership.

“The message to those owner-managers in construction particularly is to use the tools out there such as BESMART, training programmes and the HSA to instil a safety culture in your organisation.  Work safer – work smarter.”


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