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Verizon Connect Targets New Level of Efficiency in Fleet Management

Verizon Connect

Having recently announced an investment in new office space in Sandyford, Dublin, newly rebranded Verizon Connect (formerly Fleetmatics) has just completed the integration of its existing connected vehicle division with two recently acquired fleet and mobile workforce management software companies under a single, combined brand.

Fleetmatics to Verizon Connect

The Dublin-based tech company Fleetmatics, who specialised in vehicle-tracking, was acquired by US telecoms company Verizon for €2.5bn in 2016. Since coming under the Verizon umbrella, it has been able to successfully expand into new markets and enhance its service offering to businesses in all sectors.


A one-stop approach to connected vehicle solutions

The announcement by Verizon Connect of the integration of its separate business units offers customers a one-stop approach to connected vehicle software solutions and services that can help drive safety, productivity and efficiency.

Verizon Connect provides connectivity and data insights that enable its customers to be more informed about vehicle and worker location, efficiency, safety, productivity and compliance.

Maximise Revenue Generation

Peter Mitchell, company co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Verizon said, “The integration of services means that construction companies with large and medium-sized fleets will be in a position to achieve efficiencies in terms of vehicle usage as well as maintaining the highest of safety standards.

“At Verizon Connect, we have a bigger vision than just telling you where your vehicle is. We can optimise your routes or be with you before you get into the vehicle. We can basically ensure that once you’re in the vehicle, you’re going to the right place. The goal is to minimise time on the road and maximise revenue-generating scenarios.”

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