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RMD Kwikform Launches Ascent 200 – A New High-Rise Safety Screen Solution

RMD Kwikform has launched a new high-rise safety screen solution, Ascent 200, that offers high-rise debris protection. RMD Kwikform has worked with its customers to develop the new system to accommodate the changing requirements of the high-rise building sector.

Following market and customer research, conducted across the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, RMD Kwikform recognised some of the common challenges that contractors face when constructing high-rise buildings. These challenges include:

  • Health and safety
  • Debris containment,
  • Ease of assembly
  • Solution flexibility.

Ascent 200 Design

In light of this, RMD Kwikform’s Ascent 200 has a double-height cantilever design and a stronger mast that enables the single depth structure and aids transport efficiency. It boasts additional cladding options including, a corrugated perforated profiled steel sheeting, a fixed and sliding mesh panel that can be adjusted in situ, and plastic sheeting that allows for client branding and advertising. There are also hybrid options that combine multiple options. Alongside its advanced hydraulic climbing system, Ascent 200 has fewer, yet newly designed, components that allow for quicker assembly time and a reduction in transport costs. The new system also can provide fully sealed enclosures on angled facades of up to 10 degrees.

Ascent 200


Health and Safety Solution

Ian Fryer, Divisional Product Innovation Manager, RMD Kwikform, says: “Before commencing the design of Ascent 200, we spoke to our customers about some of the challenges faced when constructing high-rise buildings. The core challenge was around health and safety; not only for site teams but for the general public. With the new Ascent 200, we have delivered the highest level of manufacturing specification and design to ensure maximum debris sealing around the site perimeter. Another feature of the Ascent 200 is the slab jaw brackets that have been specifically designed for the new system. Once opened, the jaws allow for the screens to be removed without having to lift the system up the building. Ultimately, this reduces the crane height, and overall usage of cranes.”

Ascent 200 Efficiency

“One of the key points raised by our customers was around efficiency,” continues Ian Fryer. “It was vital that we provided a solution to our customers that could be transported, assembled and climbed with ease without impacting other areas of development on the project, or indeed, the surrounding locations outside of the site.”

Ascent 200 Flexibility

“Finally, what the Ascent 200 embodies is complete flexibility with the ability to accommodate complex building shapes. This requirement for flexibility is the reason why multiple screen options were developed. Each option delivers the highest levels of protection and sealant, but it gives the customer more choice depending on the project and the shape of the building,” he concludes.

RMD Kwikform has also designed a range of additional components that further support the safety and efficiencies of Ascent 200. These products include various containment and debris seal accessories, main slab anchors, edge seals and access platforms.

For more information on RMD Kwikform’s Ascent 200 and high-rise projects, visit www.rmdkwikform.com/products/ascent-200