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Safety Alert for Power Craft Combined Mitre and Bench Saw (Model no 48455).

Powercraft Mitre Saw

Risk: Cuts, Damage to sight 


A European Union’ Safety Alert’ has been issued for the Power Craft Combined Mitre and Bench Saw (Model no 48455/Batch number/Barcode: 5 709386 484552).

The saw can move from its position during operation and its blade guard does not properly lock. Consequently, the user could get in contact with the turning blade and become injured.

 Also, when tilted at 45 degrees, the blade can touch the product’s aluminium table.

As a result, it will cut it and propel its material towards an unprotected user, who might suffer injuries to the body or face. 

The product does not comply with the requirements of the EU Machinery Directive and the relevant European standards EN 61029-1 and 61029-2-11.

Measures to be taken by economic operators: Stop of sales (By manufacturer)

 Measures ordered by public authorities (To distributor): Ban on the marketing of the product and any accompanying measures.

Product country of origin: People’s Republic of China

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