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Irish Construction Prepares for Second Covid-19 Lockdown


The Government will sign off a range of stringent Covid-19 measures that will see many construction sites across the country shut down until 31st January. As with the first lockdown in March of last year, sites deemed essential works will be allowed to continue operating under HSE guidelines.

Last night, the Cabinet Committee on Covid-19 agreed to shut down the vast majority of private construction developments starting from the close of business Friday, 8th January (TBC) to try to slow down the spread of the coronavirus by further restricting the movement of people.

The move will mean about many thousands of construction workers will have to down tools. But, essential construction developments such as social housing or schools projects will be permitted. Other projects that are likely to remain open include the National Children’s Hospital and utilities such as gas and electricity and some roads projects.

The Construction Industry Federation says it is liaising with government officials in relation to the Government’s list of specific essential construction projects, which will be refined at Cabinet today.

These restrictions are set to remain in place until the end of January, but some in Cabinet are warning that realistically, they could last longer.