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HPE Simplivity – The Next Generation in Construction Data Management

HPE Simplivity
HPE Simplivity

What is HPE SimpliVity?

HPE SimpliVity is a “hyper-converged” virtual infrastructure platform. This means that the server, storage, hypervisor and backup infrastructure are delivered as an all-in-one highly-efficient, highly effective and highly-available platform. It represents the evolution of infrastructure virtualisation and transition to a software-defined data centre.


HPE SimpliVity addresses the challenges faced by many business sectors.

It is:

  • Simple – Removes the complexity of procuring and managing many different infrastructure elements. HPE SimpliVity is a fully integrated, pre-configured platform for modern IT infrastructure
  • Flexible – Enables rapid transformation and business agility with a simple building-block approach and a single management interface
  • Powerful – High-performance infrastructure in a small footprint, with the ability to expand easily and non-disruptively as requirements change
  • Efficient – With a compact and simplified form-factor, it requires a smaller data centre infrastructure and lower services costs
  • Secure – Integrated backup brings data backup and protection and rapid recovery capabilities

For construction companies, MJ Flood and HPE SimpliVity adds real value.

It means having:

  • The ability to fulfil new service requirements quickly
  • Cost effective and predictable cost structures
  • The power to meet fluctuating workloads
  • The powerful yet simple management interface serves to free up IT resources to concentrate on adding real value to services rather than focussing on day-to-day operations

HPE SimpliVity working for Construction

“As a large contractor, I run my operations from a central office and would have five to 20 sites in operation at one time, with people using BIM needing real-time access to collaborate on files, drawings and the media.

How can SimpliVity help my operations?

HPE SimpliVity is an appropriate platform for any organisation with an on-premises or hybrid IT architecture. It is a solution for centralised IT operations, or larger branch office environments. As a large contractor, running multiple sites, there are a standard set of IT services required to enable management and collaboration on the job.

HPE SimpliVity enables services to be defined once and then repeated rapidly and simply in multiple locations, with services that can easily share, are secure and with each site’s IT collateral (file shares, virtual servers, backups, virtual desktops – all the backend IT elements) protected. A discrete set of services can be instated rapidly for each job and removed/archived at the end of the job. Used in conjunction with appropriate networking and remote access, it provides a base on which to enable the storage and sharing platform for Building Information Management collateral and processes. Management of those resources is greatly simplified and the skills needed to gain the most of the investment easily acquired. 

What scale of business is HPE SimpliVity suited to?

HPE SimpliVity scales from the small business to the large enterprise. It can add value to the operation of every business, though the economics are most compelling in a business with a requirement for 20 virtual machines or more, or in a business of any size that wants to consolidate and simplify its IT infrastructure.

HPE SimpliVity is a modular platform that scales easily with requirements – start small and grow, with a predictable upgrade path, and seamless expansion without compromising business operations.

Can external subcontractors be added to the system?

If a subcontractor needs IT services but can’t deliver those IT services independently for a job, the HPE SimpliVity platform offers a way to provide services for the contractor, logically isolated from other services.

What savings and efficiencies does HPE SimpliVity offer?

  • Huge savings over traditional infrastructure, and significantly cheaper than comparable public cloud offerings
  • Significant increase in time available for new projects
  • Rapid payback through operating cost reductions and cost avoidance

Who is using HPE SimpliVity?

Businesses and organisations across multiple sectors and industries use HPE SimpliVity to run their organisations – including construction, healthcare, financial services, education and local government.

No matter what your industry, HPE SimpliVity brings the benefit of hyper-convergence to you your business.

Organise a SimpliVity demo contact: Garrett Wallis, 01 466 3507, email: [email protected]