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Gyproc Launches Ireland’s First Nationwide Plasterboard Recycling Service

Gyproc Plasterboard Recycling

Gyproc Plasterboard Recycling is a cost-effective process from Gyproc Ireland that takes back and recycles plasterboard off-cuts back into its Irish based manufacturing process.

Pictured: CIF Director General Tom Parlon (right) launches nationwide Gyproc Recycling Service with Gyproc MD Brian Dolan (left)

Responsible onsite waste management

Responsible waste management is a priority for Gyproc in Ireland. From initial design to on-site testing, through to manufacturing and installation – Gyproc has always believed that effective waste management makes good environmental and business sense. Because of this, we have developed a cost-effective process to take back and recycle plasterboard off-cuts back into our Irish based manufacturing process.

Gyproc Plasterboard Recycling Service (PRS)

Gyproc has become the only plasterboard manufacturer in Ireland with a dedicated plasterboard recycling facility and recycling service, which based on the principles of simplicity and reliability. The process is to take back and recycle Gyproc plasterboard off-cuts into its plasterboard manufacturing process. This new service offers customers a legal and cost-effective means of disposing of their plasterboard waste; currently the dumping of such waste at landfill sites is illegal.

Gyproc can provide a number of different skip sizes for collecting the plasterboard off-cuts and they are collected directly from the building site at a convenient time. The process is flexible and reliable, and can be scaled up or down to suit any construction project. Building owners and designers will earn valuable points under the LEED and BREEAM international accreditation schemes by using this service and Gyproc plasterboard with recycled content.

The recycling service has been designed to handle all Gyproc manufactured plasterboard off-cuts

How to sign up for Gyproc Plasterboard Recycling Service

Gyproc’s dedicated Plasterboard Recycling Service (PRS) Customer Service Team is available to help set up new accounts, order additional services and answer questions about its Plasterboard Off-Cut Recycling Service. Orders can be placed with the Gyproc PRS Customer Service Team on +353 (0)1 6298444 or email [email protected]