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Induction, Recruitment, Marketing – Video Has Become an Important Tool for Contractors

Dillon Productions specialises in the production of online induction and promotional videos, a service that is being availed of by an increasing number of leading contractors.

Dillon Productions was established in 1996 by Managing Director, James Dillon. With a background in TV production, its core business is the creation of unique video-rich interactive e-learning training courses, using in-house teams in video production, instructional design and graphic design to bring training programmes to life.

Its service offering includes hosted Learning Management Systems (LMS), for which it provides design, set-up, maintenance, hosting and support. With an attractive user interface, its branded portals allow for secure access, tracking and reporting on learner activities.

Dillon Productions

James Dillon,  Managing Director, Dillon Productions.

Customer Base

Dillon Productions’ customer base spans construction, health, FMCG, food manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, pharma and public sectors. It has also completed numerous international assignments in the Middle East, Germany and the UK, and it produces bespoke online content for the Health and Safety Authority (HSA).

Construction Clients

Within the construction sector, Dillon Productions produces online programmes for the CIF, and the company has just completed the new CIRI online induction programme. It also works with a variety of Ireland’s leading construction companies, including Roadbridge, Glenveagh Properties PLC and Townlink Construction.

“Typically, our customers are looking for innovative video-based and interactive programmes covering health, safety and environmental training,” explains James Dillon. “The audience is usually staff and contractors who can access the content online or in a stand-alone video format.”

The Team

The Dillon Productions team comprises a broad range of experienced media professionals who are expert in filming and post-production. In addition, there is a creative team with instructional design, animation, and graphic design expertise. These teams work closely and seamlessly together on multiple complex projects.


“Traditional inductions are generally delivered in a classroom-style environment or on-site in a portacabin,” James Dillon explains. “These tend to be time-consuming, using up the valuable resources of both the environment, health and safety (EHS) teams and contractors themselves.”

He continues, “Our approach allows a new contractor, subcontractor, recruit or staff member to log on remotely and complete an induction online before arrival on-site. The programmes can have a built-in assessment and a downloadable certificate that can be used to authenticate the course completion. From a compliance perspective, the software platform or learning management system used to host the programmes tracks and reports on user activity and programme completion status.”

A typical 30-minute health and safety induction programme covers the main topics that are generic to all sites, eg, Working at Heights, Manual Handling, PPE, Lock Out/Tag Out. The course itself is immersive and uses video, in-vision presenters, professional voice-over, sound, graphics, and interactive quizzes. “We apply proven project management models to each assignment, ensuring that our customers have dedicated resources to work collaboratively with nominated staff,” explains James Dillon.

Production of a stand-alone video generally takes four weeks to complete, and a typical 30-minute online programme takes six weeks.

Social Media Marketing

“More and more of our clients use the footage we film to create clips for use on various social media platforms,” he continues. “Generally, they are promoting a finished project, events (eg, Construction Safety Week), or a hearts and minds piece for recruitment or environmental purposes.

Due to demand, Dillon Productions is currently making a range of off-the-shelf programmes that cover the typical on-site health, safety and environmental areas.

Dillon Productions Recruitment video for Townlink Construction

Bespoke Construction Content

“Clients are still looking for bespoke content, and we are seeing a demand for the production of short standard operational procedures (SOP) videos for use in toolbox talks,” says James Dillon. “The demand for the production and hosting of online contractor inductions continues to gather pace, not just in Ireland, but in the UK and Europe.

“We have found that in the last year construction companies are increasingly looking to bring contractor and subcontractor induction online,” he adds.

“The benefits are consistency of message, and tracking activity for compliance. The induction normally will be done by the contractor in the week before arriving on site. Feedback from clients suggests that non-English speakers respond very well to a visual presentation like a video-rich online induction, and subtitles can be added if requested.”

For more details, contact John Hagan, Sales Director, Dillon Productions on 01 298 0736 or email [email protected]